Moodle – Quiz (summative)

Assessment Type: In Class test

Follow these core recommendations for summative Quiz Activities to simplify question bank management and control the release of grades/feedback to students.

1. Complete the Quiz Notification Form

If your summative Quiz is in the exam period, please use Inspera.

You need to complete the Quiz Notification Form so we can provision Moodle resources. Unauthorised quizzes may crash Moodle, affecting the assessment experience for all our students. We ask that you provide at least 7 days notice.

2. Create Questions in the Question Bank

You should create questions with a descriptive name in the Question Bank on the relevant Moodle course.


3. Create the Quiz Activity

Create a new Quiz Activity and amend the following Settings:

  • Under Description: add general instructions and information (this will be visible to students before the quiz starts)
  • Under Review Options: uncheck ALL tick boxes. This ensures that no grades and feedback on the attempt automatically goes back to students.
  • Under Timings: set the open, close times and duration of the quiz attempt (pictured below).
screenshot review options after the quiz
  • Under Tags: add the “Summative” tag, which ensure the Quiz is listed in the Essential Unit Information area for staff/students.
  • Option: under Grade Transfer (for unit convenors only): link the Quiz to an assessment on SAMIS for transfer of grades

4. Add questions to the Quiz

Once you have created the Quiz Activity, you now must populate it with the questions from the Question Bank.

To add questions to the Quiz, click the Activity settings cog, then the ‘Edit quiz’ button. You then select “Add” > “from Question bank” to insert question(s).

You should preview the quiz to check the display of questions and the correct answers.

To add extra times or extensions, you need to add “user overrides” to amend the time limit and/or dates for students with a DAP or alternative arrangement.

5. Run the Quiz

Students attempt the Quiz on Moodle.

6. Review the quiz attempts

It is advised to review the quiz attempts to identify any errors with a question.

Option – if you have used the Essay question type, you will need to manually grade the response.

7. Distribute grades and feedback to students

In step 3, we prevented any grades and information going back to students. To release information to students, you will amend the “Review options” setting (click the Activity Settings Cog >”Edit Settings”). A minimal review option would be to let the students see their total marks only (but not their attempt or the questions) which can be achieved by checking “Marks” under “After the quiz is closed” only.

screenshot review options


  • You may choose to release more information to students about the quiz attempt (e.g. what they put, specific feedback, etc.).
  • (for unit convenors only) Grade Transfer the Quiz results directly to SAMIS.
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