Moodle – Group Peer Review (summative)

Assessment type: Group Coursework

Group Peer Review for summative assessment

Below is the TEL recommended workflow for using Group Peer Review for summative assessment.

The Group Peer Review tool allows students to rate one another after working on a group assignment. Typically you may want students to assess each others’ contribution to the group task, and to adjust the assignment mark for individual students, based on the assessment they receive from their peers.

The tool is designed for summative assessment. However you may wish to provide a formative assessment activity, or a low stakes activity, to allow students to practice and develop their peer evaluation skills.

1. Create groups in the Moodle course

To use group assignment submission and the Group Peer Review activity, you first need to create your student groups in Moodle.

2. Add students to Groups

You can choose between manual, auto-allocation, csv upload or student Group Choice to add students to the relevant Moodle Group.

3. Create a group Assignment Activity

Before creating the Group Peer Review activity, you first need to create a group Assignment Activity. Students will upload their submission as a group, and you will provide a group mark and feedback for the submission. Add guidance for students on how to upload their submission, and how to access their marks and feedback (including details of the Group Peer Review activity).

Add the Group Peer Review activity to your course page, and link it to the group Assignment Activity

5. Provide detailed information about Group Peer Review

Add information to your Moodle course page to explain the activity to students.

Review and edit the instructions for students in the description.

  • Students will follow these guidelines when completing the peer review
  • Update the criteria descriptions to reflect the marking criteria for your activity

6. Set up weightings and assessment criteria

Read the guidance to understand how peer weighted marks are calculated. Set the Peer Review weighting and maximum peer rating mark.

7. One Student per group uploads to the group Assignment Activity

Students can upload a PDF/Word/PPT or specialist file

8. Students give marks and comments to peers via Group Peer Review activity

Students can give a mark for each group member. The criteria you have included in the description appear above the peer review screen. Students enter comments for each member of their group.

  • Remind students of the Group Peer Review activity deadline
  • Students will not see the marks or comments entered by other members of their group
  • Students can complete a self-assessment if enabled in the settings

9. Monitor student participation and review student comments

To make sure all students complete the activity in time, you will need to monitor student participation. You can review student comments to make sure comments are appropriate

10. Add grades and feedback in group Assignment Activity

Go to the group Assignment Activity and add grades and feedback for each group. Note you must assign a single grade for each group. The Group Peer Review activity requires a group assignment mark in order to calculate the peer weighted marks.

11. Review final peer weighted marks and adjust if desired

Once you have entered grades in the group Assignment Activity, and students have completed their reviews, Weighted group and Weighted peer marks will display in the Group Peer Review activity for each student.

  • You can review and adjust the Final mark if needed
  • You may choose to to Hide the Group Peer Review activity in the activity settings while you complete the review, and make it Visible to students afterwards once all the marks are saved. This will ensure marks are only visible to students after you have reviewed and saved them for every group

12. Save Group Peer Review grades to Gradebook

When you are ready, you can save the final marks to the gradebook. This must be done group by group.

13. Students view their marks

Once you have saved the final marks to the gradebook, students can see their individual final mark by going back in to the Group Peer Review Activity.

14. Download marks as CSV and upload to SAMIS

It is not possible to use Moodle-SAMIS Grade Transfer to transfer marks from Moodle to SAMIS.

  • You will need to download marks from the activity in a CSV file, and transfer them into an appropriately formatted CSV file for upload to SAMIS.

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