How to release grades and feedback

Once you have completed marking online, you can release grades and feedback to all students simultaneously, and send students a notification, by using Marking Workflow. The steps below outline how to do this.

Releasing Feedback and Notifications with Marking Workflow

Access the grading table

Click on the link to your assignment, then click View all submissions:

'View all submissions' image

Select options

Scroll to the bottom of the Grading table and untick Quick Grading (if active) and set Assignments per page to All:

Image of Quick Grading setting

Select all students

Return to the top of the Grading Table and select all the students:

Image of 'select all students'

Set the workflow state

Then return to the bottom of the page, and from the With Selected… menu choose Set marking workflow state and click Go. When prompted, click OK:

Image of 'With selected...' dropdown

On the next page, set the marking workflow state to Released and, if desired, choose to send a notification to students and Save Changes as shown below:

Image of 'Marking Workflow state' image
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