Inspera – Exam (summative)

Assessment type: Examination

Below is the TEL recommended workflow for a summative Inspera exam which takes place in one of the three designated exam periods. It may be possible to set up a formative exam, or ‘in-class test’ by emailing The guidance below provided is for general use.

Exam creation

Videos for these topics can be found on the Hub pages for authoring assessments in Inspera.

1. Create a Question Set

Give the Question Set a clear name with the unit code, and assessment period (e.g. Jan/May/Aug 23).

2. Create Questions in the Question Set

Give each question a clear name, this may be about the question content, or number, but should be identifiable.
Allocate marks to each question as intended when marking. (e.g. if an essay question wants to be marked out of 100, award it 100 marks).

3. Set up any randomisation or candidate selected questions

This is done within Sections of the Question Set.

4. Finalise the Design settings and Preview the Question Set

Select the required settings.
For the Numbering Scheme – if the exam only has one section, or each question has subparts, it may make sense to use Test sequential, but it is otherwise advised to use Section alphanumeric.

5. Share the Question Set with the checker for the exam

6. Share the checked Question Set with the Planner for the department

This is typically the programme admin team in the department.

7. Inform the Planner of any additional Graders who should be on the exam

Exam grading

Videos for these topics can be found on the Hub pages for grading assessments in Inspera.

1. Check that all graders are set up on each exam instance, and that it is set to Shared Marking.

If it is set to Private marking, contact the Planner to change this to Shared before marking.

2. Mark the exam

Use Co-grader notes to share comments between graders. Do not use Private notes, they are private.
If there are errors on MCQs, you can correct the answer key.
Scripts can be downloaded using Options > Print and download all submissions.

3. Follow internal department processes to review marks.

4. Confirm Grades to pass results (percentages) to SAMIS.

This may take a little time. It cannot be overwritten once passed to SAMIS.

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