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Mahara – e-Portfolio (summative)

Assessment Type: Coursework (Portfolio)

Below is the TEL recommended workflow, for a single summative e-portfolio assessment approach, using Mahara and Moodle. If you are setting up a formative e-portfolio visit Mahara – Formative. The guidance provided is for typical use of Mahara.

Scenario – Submitting Mahara portfolio work for grading in a Moodle Assignment

Moodle Assignments allow for submission of Mahara portfolio work (Pages or Collections) so that grading and feedback can be undertaken in Moodle alongside other assessments.

1.Create a Moodle Assignment for Mahara submission

Staff can create a Moodle Assignment, selecting the option to allow Mahara submission.  This allows students to submit from their list of available Mahara Pages and Collections. The option to Archive when graded should be selected to ensure a snapshot copy of the submittted portfolio is taken for future refrerence.

It is possible to use a Moodle rubric or marking guide to assess the work.  If using simple grading, the total mark should remain at the default 100, and students should be provided with assessment crtieria either through the Assignment description or in an uploaded document.

2. Students submit their work to the Moodle Assignment

When students access the Assignment, they will be presented with a list of their available Mahara Pages and Collections.  They can submit one item for review.

The portfolio work they submit will become locked and therefore uneditable, until the tutor releases it back to them.

3. Staff review and provide feedback

Staff can View all submissions within the Assignment, where they will see a web link to the portfolio work submitted by students. The work will open in the Mahara interface, in a new web browser window or tab. Staff can review it and leave comments on the work, if required.

In the Moodle Assignment staff can Grade the submission, providing a mark and feedback comments as would normally be done in a Moodle Assignment.

4. Staff provide result and release work

Once all the grades and feedback are completed, the Marking workflow can be changed to release results back to students in Moodle.  This will also result in the Mahara work being released back to the student for further editing. An archive (i.e. a snapshot copy) of the portfolio will be saved in Mahara.

5. Students review feedback

Once released students will be able to read their feedback.

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