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  6. Top tips for Moodle assignment – set up and submission

Top tips for Moodle assignment – set up and submission

1. Don’t re-use your assignment submission point

It is essential to avoid reusing previous assignment activities as it can interfere with Bath’s anonymous submission policy and also can cause inaccurate display on the Assessments tab.

Instead, create a new Assignment activity for this year’s submissions.

2. Plan ahead to set up and manage group submission

Before setting up a group submission, ensure that you have created groups in Moodle and all students have been allocated to one to avoid issues.

3. Be consistent with the assignment information

Be consistent when including the assignment brief, marking criteria and submission information.

Do not assume students will know what to do if there is an issue. It is better that within the assigment information you signpost them to the support resources available such as Student Introduction to Moodle guide, Skills PortalMitigating Circumstances and online resources.

4. Check and adjust general settings

Don’t forget to double-check that your assignment is visible, dates are set correctly, and anonymous submissions are enabled if necessary.

5. Enable grade transfer

For summative assessments, unit conveners (Teacher+) can enable grade transfer in the settings to integrate the flow of grades from a Moodle Assignment activity to SAMIS.

6. Tag assessments

Tag the assignment activity as ‘formative’ or ‘summative’ to help students find submission points quickly at the Assessment tab at the top of your Moodle space.

7. After due date ‘lock assignments’

Remember to lock all assignments after the due date; otherwise, students can still edit or delete their submissions.

8. Understand how to manage extensions in Moodle

Take care to maintain anonymity when using groups to manage extensions with anonymous marking.

9. Know where to find help

Contact tel@bath.ac.uk for general enquiries and use:

Did you know?

  • If you’ve accidentally deleted an Activity, it gets sent to the Moodle recycle bin for 30 days!
  • Don’t forget to unhide your Assigment after editing it: this always catches some people out!
  • Remember that after students have submitted, the settings cannot be changed.
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