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5 steps to get ready for the start of semester

1. Declutter your Moodle space

Students’ data and course contents are saved in the Moodle Archive every August, so:

  • Delete those old unused and hidden Activities on your course – they’re making it harder for you to navigate!
  • Reset Forum and Quiz Activities to wipe old student data (permanent).

2. Create Fresh Assignment Activities

It’s important to NEVER re-use old Assignment Activities, as things can become corrupted.

Instead, create a new Assignment activity or duplicate an Assignment for this year’s submissions.

3. Re-use old video recordings

Move your recordings you wish to re-use to this year’s Moodle-linked Panopto folder.

If the previous cohort(s) need the recordings, as well as the current cohort, you will need to move and also share them with the previous cohort(s).

4. Schedule Lecture Recordings

Unit convenors and also teaching staff (NEW!) can request lectures on their unit automatically are recorded (access link on campus or on VPN) – also see the Scheduling a Lecture Guidance.

5. Know Where to Find Help

Contact tel@bath.ac.uk for general inquiries and use:

Did You Know?

  • If you’ve accidentally deleted an Activity, it gets sent to the Moodle recycle bin for 30 days!
  • Don’t forget to unhide your Moodle course: this always catches some people out!
  • SAMIS enrolled students will be enrolled to your course 3 weeks before the start of semester if details have been entered in SAMIS. If you’re not seeing the students you expect on a unit, check with your Admin team that the unit convenor details have been added to SAMIS.
  • The most common reason new and returning students don’t have Moodle access to a course they need is they haven’t completed their registration.
  • You can setup a bookings page for “office hours” with students using Microsoft Bookings.
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