Moodle Blocks

Managing Moodle Blocks

Moodle Blocks appear on the right side of the content area and can be customised in a range of ways (depending on what each block is designed to do). They can be added and rearranged when in Edit mode. Blocks allow staff and students to locate key information more easily.

Moodle space with Block Drawer open

The blocks on the Home page are customisable only by Moodle Administrators; whilst the blocks that appear within individual Moodle spaces are customisable by anyone with Teacher permissions in that course.

Accessing blocks

To view the blocks on your Moodle space click on the arrow on the top right of your screen to open the Block Drawer.

Moodle space with the block drawer closed and an arrow pointing to the area of the screen to click to open the block drawer

Adding a new block

To add a new block:

  1. Toggle Edit mode on.
  2. Open block drawer (if not yet opened).
  3. Click on “+ Add a block”.
    Add a new block highlighted in the Moodle space
  4. Select the new block you want to add. That block will now appear on your block drawer.

Configuring / editing a block

To configure or edit a block:

  1. Toggle Edit mode on.
  2. Open block drawer (if not yet opened).
  3. Click on the cog icon for the block you want to configure.
  4. Select the appropriate function.
    Block editing options

Moving blocks

Where there are existing blocks in the Moodle space, they can be moved and rearranged in the Block Drawer.

To move a block:

  1. Toggle Edit mode on.
  2. Open block drawer (if not yet opened).
  3. Click and hold down on the 4-arrow cross of the block you want to move. You can now move this block in the block drawer.
Moodle block with the 4-arrow cross highlighted.

Useful Blocks

The following blocks exist on each individual Moodle space and should not be removed.

The Accessibility+ Toolkit is a tool to help staff to find, fix and future-proof accessibility issues in their Moodle based content. To find out more visit the Accessibility+ Toolkit page.

The Activities block organises and groups resources depending on their activities. This allows participants to find activities, such as assignments more easily.

The Re:View (Panopto) block acts as a link between your Moodle space and Re:View. By enabling the Re:View block in Moodle, a corresponding folder under the same name will appear in Re:View to store recordings – this is referred to as the Moodle-linked folder. To find out more visit the Moodle and Re:View overview page.

The Moodle calendar is automatically populated with items that have a due date attached. However, you may want to add your own items so that students have reminders built in, or for activities where the Calendar does not provide the appropriate functionality (for example with recurring Zoom meetings or when you setup an MS Teams meeting through Moodle).

To add a new Calendar event:

  1. On the Calendar block select Full Calendar.
  2. On the Calendar page choose New event.
  3. Complete the form. For Type of event select course is the event applies to all participants. Choose Show more… for more options.
  4. Click Save to save your event.
New event pop up for Moodle calendar.

The SAMIS block is a tool that gives staff the ability to manage SAMIS cohorts within their Moodle spaces though the creation of Mappings.

Typical uses might include:

  1. Enrolling multiple SAMIS cohorts on to a single Moodle space.
  2. Specifying a date when a SAMIS cohort should be unenrolled from a Moodle space. For example, you may want students studying a unit in semester 1 to have access to the relevant Moodle space until the end of semester 2.

Any changes that you have made within the SAMIS interface, such creation of mappings to amend Participant Lists within a Moodle space, will normally be updated within 24 hours during the Moodle-SAMIS synchronisation process. Automated synchronisation between Moodle and SAMIS only takes place Sunday through to Thursday.  This means that the student memberships associated with mappings created on a Friday or Saturday, will not be reflected in Moodle until the early hours of the following Monday morning.

To find out more visit the SAMIS Integration block pages.

Additional Blocks

Support documentation on additional Moodle Blocks can be found on the Moodle Docs website.

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