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Managing Unit Convenor/Teacher+ Enrolments


The Teacher+ role is a unique role in Moodle. It is designed specifically for the Unit Convenor/Module Tutor on SAMIS coded units. If a Teacher+ role is defined in SAMIS, it will appear in Moodle next to the user’s name in the Participants tab.

Differences between a Teacher and Teacher+ role in Moodle

The Teacher+ role has the same functionality as the Teacher role, with one exception: The Teacher+ can perform grade transfer. Grade transfer is the process of automatically linking and transferring grades from Moodle to SAMIS and is the responsibility of the Unit Convenor/Teacher+.

How to add a user as Teacher+

The Teacher+ role can only be assigned in SAMIS, and therefore is usually done by a programme admin within a department. If you consider that you should be the Unit Convenor on a Moodle space or another user should be added as the Unit Convenor, then you should contact to your programme admin team. The programme admin can update the Teacher+ role on the MOD screen in SAMIS.

Teacher+ enrolments on Moodle

Once the Teacher+ role is added to the MOD screen in SAMIS, the role will be added to Moodle the next time SAMIS synchronises with it (as long as it is within the relevant period slot code dates). The SAMIS/Moodle synchronisation happens during the working week in the early hours of Monday to Friday mornings.

For example, if the user in the Teacher+ role is added to SAMIS on Monday afternoon, it will appear in Moodle on Tuesday morning. If it is added on Friday afternoon, it will appear in Moodle on Monday morning.

Change or enrol a Teacher+ throughout the year

A programme admin can update the SAMIS at any point in the year, however, the Teacher+ will only be updated in Moodle from three weeks before the relevant period slot code dates.

For example, for the S2 period slot code, any changes to the Module Tutor screen in SAMIS, will be reflected in Moodle from 3 weeks before 5th February (approximately 15th January each year). If the Module Tutor were updated in SAMIS on 3rd January, the change to the Teacher+ would not take effect in Moodle until 15th January.

Enrolling more than one Teacher+ be enrolled on a Moodle space

Only one Teacher+ role can be added to SAMIS and therefore enrolled on a Moodle space at a time.

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