Mahara basics

Logging into Mahara 

Mahara at the University of Bath can be accessed in two ways. 

Use your university login details (username and password) and click Login. 

screenshot login box to access Mahara
Login box to access Mahara

Setting up your profile page 

Your Profile area stores your contact and personal information, and it can be helpful to set this up (in a similar way to Moodle) to enable others to recognise you. Each profile field can be considered separate artefacts which you can add independently to your profile page or any portfolio page. Thus, you can reveal as little or as much information about yourself to others as you wish. 

Your profile page is public, in the sense that by default, it can be viewed by anyone who is logged into Mahara at the University of Bath. 

Note about privacy: Be very vigilant with your private information. Think carefully about what you share and who with.  Please discuss this with your students also, as they need to think carefully about their digital privacy.  

Complete the form fields with the information you want to add, making sure to click Save. 

Screenshot profile page and how to set up your public profile
Screenshot profile page and how to set up your public profile

Adding a Profile image 

You can upload up to 5 profile images. 

The images you wish to use must be between 16×16 and 1024×1024 pixels in size. Ideally, your profile images are square. Please use an image editing software before you upload your images to reduce a photo’s dimensions to the required ones. 

The recommended size of your profile image is 100×100 pixels. Then the image looks good on your profile when you want to include it there and in the smaller sizes around Mahara. 

The profile images that you wish to upload to Mahara must be available on your local computer. Choose one image at a time to upload. You can also give it a title. 

  • User menu > Profile pictures 
Screenshot of how to add a profile picture in Mahara: 1.Click on the icon person, 2. Select profile pictures and 3. Upload a picture.
Screenshot of how to add a profile picture in Mahara

Arrange Dashboard 

The dashboard is the first page you see on logging into Mahara. You can arrange the items on the page to suit your preferred way of working.  For example, you might want to see your inbox, or portfolios that have been shared with you. 

The sidebar blocks are not editable. 

  • Click Edit Dashboard to arrange it the way you would like. 
Screenshot of how to edit the dashboard: from the dashboard page, click on the 'edit dashboard' button.
Screenshot of how to edit the dashboard
Animated gif demonstrating how to edit the dashboard, add and personalise new blocks.
Short demo of how to edit the dashboard (animated gif with no sound)

Setting up email notifications 

You are, by default, notified of relevant activity in your Mahara Inbox. 

However, you can change your notification preferences so that you receive an email instead. 

  • User menu > Settings > Notifications 
  • Change your preferences and click Save (at the bottom of the page). 
Screenshot of how to set up email notifications from the main menu.
Screenshot of how to set up email notifications
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