Please note: further information including details of the support available for each checklist item will be added to this page in due course (by the end of September).

About the Pre-Delivery Checklist

To support the successful launch of Transformed courses, Education Board has approved a pre-delivery checklist to support departments as they plan and prepare for the first year of delivery.

Key points to note include:

  • The pre-delivery checklist contains key activity considered essential to the successful launch of CT courses as well as recommended items that represent opportunities to further align delivery with the University’s Curriculum Principles.
  • Departments are strongly encouraged to engage with Professional Service support at an early point. Sources of support and key timeline considerations are detailed to enable timely and effective support for departments.
  • Education Board considers departments to be best placed to consider the checklist items in the context of their transformed courses and to oversee relevant activity. Heads of Departments are accountable for progress and can delegate responsibility to relevant groups or individuals. Activity will not require approval as part of the CT process.

Key activity for successful launch of transformed course

Recommended for consideration as part of launch of transformed course

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Updated on: 01 August 2022