EduFest 2023

What is EduFest?

EduFest is our annual Learning and Teaching conference. This two-day event has been designed to help colleagues reflect upon and develop their approaches to learning and teaching. It features contributions from sector-leading experts, insights from colleagues at other institutions, and examples of how cutting-edge research here at Bath can help to make university courses everywhere more inclusive and engaging.

A group of delegates completing an informal activity around a large table.

Reflections on EduFest 2023

The theme of EduFest 2023 was INCLUSIVE TEACHING.

Inclusive teaching is about ensuring all students can learn and be supported in a way that enables them to fulfil their academic potential. The principle of inclusive teaching is embedded in our approach to Curriculum Transformation: ‘Support the diverse needs of learners’. Whilst the motivation behind inclusive teaching is positive, in reality this can be problematic when teaching large cohorts of students with potentially very different needs. However, students with specific learning needs do not experience different learning challenges but a more exaggerated version of the challenges all students face. By addressing challenges for all students, we can therefore provide a truly inclusive teaching experience.

Day one began with an introduction by Chris Bonfield and Paul Chin from the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). Paul Chin utilized AI-generated avatars for his presentation. The event featured presentations from the winners of the Teaching Excellence Awards 2023, emphasizing the importance of innovative teaching methods. Delegates engaged in discussions on blended learning, assessment, feedback, and postgraduate taught provision. The Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) Scheme was also highlighted, with attendees voting for their favorite student posters. The day concluded with an introduction to scholarly practice and pedagogic research by Paul Chin and a workshop by Hazel Corradi on educational research methods. This information could be beneficial for those interested in innovative teaching methods, educational research, and student-led projects.

Day two was introduced by Julian Chaudhuri and Julia Kildyushova, setting the stage for a series of presentations and discussions. The keynote address focused on inclusive teaching, with contributions from Pete Quinn, Kate Coulson, Kahvan Bryan, and Paul Campbell, who introduced the Racially Inclusive Curricula Toolkit. The page also highlights a range of topics discussed during the Talking Points session and Lightning Talks, including the use of ePortfolios, the Physics of Inclusivity, and the debate on labels for student groups. The day concluded with a workshop by Abby Osborne and Liz Beavan. This information is beneficial for those interested in inclusive teaching practices and the latest discussions in the field of education.

The EduFest conference team will now take on board feedback from conference participants to help inform its planning for next year. So if you haven’t provided feedback already, please let us know your thoughts on how we can build on the success of this year’s conference for EduFest 2024