Curriculum Transformation

Through the Curriculum Transformation (CT) initiative we are embedding our long-term vision for learning and teaching across undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This page contains resources and guidance to support the ongoing implementation of transformed courses.

Latest news and updates

The CT Digest site provides consolidated update on important changes, activity and resources connected with Curriculum Transformation.

Implementing your CT course

The guidance and resources below are available to support courses which have launched. Further information will be added in due course.

Support for implementing CT courses

If you have queries or would like support in launching and implementing a CT course, please contact your Faculty/School liaison who will be able to work with you to identify the best sources of support:

Faculty of Engineering and Design: Grace Cappy (Education Manager)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Science: Ed Mason (Education Manager)
Faculty of Science: Sarah Paine (Education Manager)
School of Management: Beth Williams (Project Manager – Quality of Learning)

Designing and planning a CT course

The following guidance and resources are provided to support colleagues in the design and planning of CT courses ahead of launch.

Support for design and planning

For support with the design and approval of CT courses, or with planning for launch, please contact the relevant CLT liaison:

Faculty of Engineering and Design: Rob Eaton (Curriculum and Academic Development Manager)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Science: Jo Charles (Curriculum and Academic Developer)
Faculty of Science: Liz Beaven (Curriculum and Academic Developer)
School of Management: Liz Beaven (Curriculum and Academic Developer)


The Project Sponsor is Julian Chaudhuri (PVC Education) who chairs the project Steering Group. The Project Team is chaired by Professor Marion Harney, and is comprised of academic and professional service colleagues. If you have a question for the Steering Group or Project Team, please contact Lucy Allen (Project Manager), who will be happy to help.

For Faculty/School level queries, please contact the relevant Education/Project Manager or Associate Dean Education. They will also be able to advise on specific CT oversight groups at this level.

Celebrating the Transformation journey so far

Find our more about our celebration event which marked a major project milestone, recognising colleagues across the institution for their achievements to date.