H5P – What is H5P?

What is H5P?

H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package. H5P aims to make it easy for teachers to create interactive content such as presentations, videos and other multimedia, questions, quizzes, games and more without the need of programming skills. It is integrated with Moodle, so anyone enrolled as a Teacher can create and share content easily on the platform. Students do not have access to create H5P content in Moodle.

Below is a short interactive presentation created with H5P to provide you with a brief introduction to the resource. The presentation will cover:

  • A brief description of H5P
  • Why you would use H5P
  • How to use H5P effectively
  • Advantages and considerations
  • A check your understanding quiz

H5P Content Types

Below is another H5P activity, this time an Interactive Book which highlights and explains some of the key H5P content types:

Visit H5P Examples and Downloads to learn about all the H5P content types.

H5P and Assessment

Before using H5P in Moodle for formative assessment we recommend reading the H5P Recommended Workflow. We do not recommend using H5P for summative assessment. This is because with an H5P activity you cannot limit the number of attempts a student takes, and for some package types students’ answers will not be saved until they click “Finish”. However, if you would like to store a grade in the gradebook to keep track of students’ progress you will need to add your H5P content as a stand-alone activity. For guidance on how to add your H5P content as a stand-alone activity please visit Add a stand-alone activity.

H5P and Accessibility

Some H5P activities will not be accessible for students with visual impairments or those who require the use of screen readers. For more information, you can view an overview of the accessibility of the various H5P content types.

Moodle Doc H5P

Moodle Doc H5P activity

H5P Examples and Downloads

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