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FeedbackFruits – FAQs

Frequently asked questions

You can click the Chat button in the FeedbackFruits activity set-up or tool pages to speak with a FeedbackFruits support team member 24 hours a day, every weekday. They are usually very quick to respond. or you can contact the TEL team at tel@bath.ac.uk.

See the list of file types allowed. If students are submitting video via Re:View (Panopto) they can add the URL to their video.

It is not currently possible to do automatic checks through Ouriginal. However, if this is a requirement of your task please contact tel@bath.ac.uk to discuss alternative ways to have the work checked.

It is not currently possible to grade anonymously.

It is not currently possible to transfer grades from the External Tool activity that FeedbackFruits uses. However, the grades could be added to a Moodle Assignment and transfered from there.

The Switch role function in Moodle that enables you to view the content from a Student view does not work with FeedbackFruits activities. This is due to the fact we are accessing an external service. However, the numbered steps in a FeedbackFruits activity are the same for students and teachers, even through the actions for both may be different.

It is not currently possible for this to happen. However, you can manually add deadlines to the calendar for students.

There are some notification emails for students, and these are also recorded within the activity itself.

It is possible to re-use an activity within the FeedbackFruits interface. You should not use Moodle’s duplicate option as the results differ from usual Moodle behaviour – a copy of the FbF will be made which includes student data from the original. This would be unhelpful and confusing.

It is possible to share directly with a colleague or have an activity template created at site level for anyone to access. Contact the TEL team for more details.

It is not currently possible for the automated feedback tool to check for Harvard Bath referencing. The Harvard and Harvard Deakin options are not suitable alternatives, and we advise instead to use the ‘consistent’ option.

Sometimes the order in which groups are set up, and FeedbackFruits activities are created, can impact the sync between them. If you notice the activity is not picking up the most up-to-date groups contact the FeedbackFruits in-activity support (by clicking the comment icon, to open the contact panel) and ask them to sync your activity.

Very occassionally an uploaded PDF submission may not be processed as expected, resulting in empty pages. This is a known issue, and seems to be due to the way in which the PDF has been initally created (e.g. the scanning method). This can be resolved by contact FeedbackFruits support via the support chat icon, and requesting a review of the PDF. The support team should be able to retrieve the orginal document.

Sometimes during a peer review activity, especially with a large cohort, some students may miss out on being reviewed. If this looks like it is happening, then it is possible to manually allocate students to be reviewed by more active students.

  • Edit the activity.
  • Go to section 3 (Given Reviews) where you can select Allocations and then Manually Assign Allocations
  • Wait for the information to load (may take 20 seconds as it’s a large group) and then you should be able to see which students you can manually allocate a reviewer (i.e. any student that doesn’t have a padlock next to their allocation).  
  • Save the activity.

Note: that if students have completed the required number of reviews, according to the activity settings, you will not be able to manually allocate students until you increase that setting. E.g. change the setting from 2 to 3 reviews.

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