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FeedbackFruits – how to create it

Creating and FeedbackFruits activity involves two steps:

  1. Add an External Tool activity to Moodle and connect it to the FeedbackFruits service.
  2. Edit the FeedbackFruits activity settings to suit your purpose.

Step 1 – Add an External Tool activity to Moodle

To start, go to the Moodle space where you want to add the activity, and toggle Edit mode on.

Add an activity or resource

  • Select Add an activity or resource.
  • From the pop-up menu select the FeedbackFruits option.
Add FeedbackFruits activity to Moodle.

Select the FeedbackFruits activity

  • Click the Select Content button and choose the activity type you want to create.
  • You will see two Bath templates (for Assignment Review and Peer Review) that have been set up with some settings already chosen, and with some Notes to guide you. You can use these templates or create your activity from scratch.
  • You can also access previous activities you have created to use as your own template by clicking the Copy From Existing tab.

Name the activity and save

  • Give the assessment a name and enter some text into the Instructions textbox. Click Save. Clicking save will close the pop-up window. Step 2 will provide you with the guidance for choosing the rest of the settings for the chosen FeedbackFruit content.
  • Note: You do not need to choose all the remaining content settings at this point. However, if you do want to choose the remaining settings at this stage you will need to do it before clicking save, as clicking save will close the pop-up window.
FeedbackFruits initial settings.

Select remaining Moodle settings

  • If you want to record grades to the Moodle gradebook ensure, under Privacy options, that Accept grades from the tool is selected.
FeedbackFruits setting in external tool in Moodle.
  • If you want to set the options for Activity completion, choose the relevant Completion tracking option. For example, you can Show the activity as complete when conditions are met and select Students must receive a grade to complete this activity.
FeedbackFruits activity completion settings in the external tool.
  • Click Save and return to course so you can select your newly created assessment and continue to edit the FeedbackFruits activity settings.

Step 2 – Edit the FeedbackFruits activity content settings

You can now follow the relevant FeedbackFruits guidance depending on the activity you have chosen, to finalise the settings ready for students to use it.

Setting up instructionsTeacher and student perspectives of using the activity
Assignment Review – for simple submission (individial or group) for assessment by a lecturer/tutorTeacher – Assignment Review
Student – Assignment Review
Peer Review – for students to assess the submissions of their peers and provide feedbackTeacher – Peer Review
Student – Peer Review
Group Member Evaluation – for students to rate the performance of their peers (related to a group project or task)

You can also read about how the group contribution is calculated, and how to detect outliers (e.g. overconfident students or group conflicts).
Group contribution factor
Detect outliers
Teacher – Group Member Evaluation
Student – Group Member Evaluation
Automated Feedback – for students to receive automatic (almost immediate) feedback on their academic writing direclty from the toolTeacher – Automated Feedback
Student – Automated Feedback
TBL – to provide a team-based learning approach, including pre-learning, iRAT and tRAT, and optional reflection
Scratch-off question mode
Teacher – TBL

Instructions for all the other activities can be found by searching the FeedbackFruits help pages.

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