Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Education

The rise of generative AI tools has resulted in a sector-wide focus on their impact on assessment design and academic integrity, but these tools present both opportunities and challenges across all aspects of Education.

Following a meeting of Senate on the 8th November 2023, the University has adopted a permissive approach to Generative AI in Education in order to minimise the risks and maximise the future benefits. It agreed to align the University to a set of high-level principles adopted by the Russell Group of universities, and to work collectively as a community to:

– Support students and staff to become AI-literate.
– Equip staff to support students to use generative AI tools effectively and appropriately in their studies.
– Adapt teaching and assessment to incorporate the ethical use of generative AI and support equal access.
– Ensure academic rigour and integrity is upheld.
– Work collaboratively across the sector to share best practice as the technologies and their application in education evolve.

A summary of the key activities to date can be found in our latest news item (November 2023).

On this page you will find links to guidance, practical tools and good practice case studies to help future-proof your assessment design. You will also find links to a broader range of resources to support students to utilise generative AI in a way that is safe, transparent and maintains academic integrity.

This page and the links from it are a work-in-progress and will continue to be developed as this area evolves.

What is generative AI?

Learn more about generative AI with our short introduction to its capabilities, some of the tools you may encounter and some of the opportunities and challenges it offers.

Assessment design & academic integrity

How should we approach assessment design in a world of rapidly changing AI tools, and how do we continue to encourage academic integrity?

AI in learning & teaching

How can generative AI assist you in designing, delivering and supporting teaching and learning? We explore some of the ways AI is already being used to enhance learning and teaching.

Resources & case studies

Some course teams have already started to explore possible use-cases for generative AI within the education context. We share some of their experiences here.