Generative AI diagnostic and self-paced resources

Are you new to Generative AI? We can help! You can find links to our diagnostic tool and online short courses below. You can also find out more about Copilot for Bing, which every member of staff can access when logged into a device with their University of Bath account.

Diagnostic questions

Not sure how much you already know about Generative AI and its application?

Self-paced short courses

You can work through any or all of the resources below at your own pace.

Gen AI basics

This Gen AI basics short course includes:

  • What is GenAI?
  • GenAI Issues
  • GenAI Tools
  • Using GenAI
  • Using Prompts

Gen AI and the University of Bath

This ‘Gen AI and the Uni of Bath’ short course includes:

  • GenAI and Bath
  • Copilot for Bing (Previously Bing Chat)
  • Assessment and GenAI
  • Supporting Learning
  • Teaching and GenAI

Gen AI for teaching

This Gen AI for teaching short course includes:

  • Anticipating students’ questions
  • Collate articles
  • Create images and alt text
  • Group formation
  • Diverse assessment
  • Generating questions

Gen AI to support learning

This ‘Gen AI to support learning’ short course includes:

  • GenAI and revision
  • GenAI and academic writing
  • GenAI to test solutions
  • GenAI and images
  • GenAI and assessments
  • Copilot prompting and critical review

Copilot for Bing

Copilot for Bing is available to every member of staff logged into a device with their University login. Watch the overview video below or view our dedicated Copilot page.

Copilot for Bing: Introductory overview

Copilot overview video