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Switching role to view Moodle as a student


You are able to switch your role in any Moodle course to that of a student, which will replicate (with caveats) what any student in that Moodle space would see.

Switching roles is not perfect because you remain the same user, and your user may not have things like grades, which will make some student views look different than a real student might see.

From any page in Moodle, click your Profile icon and from the drop-down menu select ‘Switch role to…‘. You can then select the role you wish to assume, e.g.Student.

Switch back

The page will helpfully display a banner message to indicate that you are viewing the page in a different role and will provide you with a link to resume your original role.

Moodle switch user message.

Impact on Re:View (Panopto)

Note: When you switch role in Moodle it can impact (temporarily) your role in Re:View (Panopto). While you are in the Student role in Moodle, your Re:View (Panopto) access will be limited to viewing only. When you return to your normal role as Teacher, your Re:View (Panopto) access will return to normal too. We mention this as sometimes staff report they have lost permissions in Re:View (Panopto) when they have tried to undertake some editing or housekeeping. Please check that you are working in the Teacher role in Moodle before trying to work in Re:View (Panopto).

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