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Learning about digital accessibility


Explore our curated collection of resources and training opportunities to help you create inclusive learning environments, experiences and content for all.

University resources and training sessions

Inclusive Design for Learning and Communication (online webinar)

In this online webinar from the Assistive Technology team, you will learn about the accessibility issues faced by many students and staff. The session includes practical examples of working with inaccessible materials and simple guidelines to help you produce documents that can be accessed by all.

Sign up to the Inclusive Design for Learning and Communication webinar (runs monthly)

Digital Accessibility Guidance

The Teaching Hub has a dedicated section to offer guidance about creating digital content that is accessible to cover the needs of all learners. The article 5 steps towards accessible content’ outlines the essential practices to enhance the accessibility of your resources and delivers tips that make it straightforward to implement. There is also detailed guidance about accessible online content and creating accessible resources for technical or STEM disciplines.

Direct link to Digital Accessibility guidance here

Moodle self-paced resource: Accessibility Essentials

In our Moodle course, you will learn about the importance of digital accessibility and also the practical steps on how to make your digital content accessible. The self-paced is designed with interactive exercises to help you understand the concepts. You can attempt the exercises as many times as you need to. Additionally, we provide links to external resources for more information. At the end of the course, there is a brief quiz to help you practice and evaluate your knowledge of accessibility essentials.

Expected duration of this course: 1 hour (you can work through at your own pace)

Self-enrol into the Moodle course Accessibility Essentials here

Accessibility Networks at the University of Bath

The University of Bath has a many different networks and contacts who can support you and your students with digital accessibility.

View Accessibility Networks and Support at the University of Bath

External resources

Microsoft Office Accessibility

The Make your content accessible to everyone page from Microsoft has a many useful resources. The main highlights are

Accessibility+ Toolkit teacher guide

The teacher guide is an external website created by Brickfield Education Labs offers guidance and support about the different functionalities available within the Accessibility+ Toolkit. Learn how to get the best of this tools for enhancing the accessibility of your Moodle content.

External training sessions

Creating accessible content with Microsoft 365

Creating accessible content with Microsoft 365 is part of the Microsoft Accessibility Fundamentals training series. These pages give a short overview of how to use Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook in an accessible way.

Expected duration of the module: 50 minutes

View the training Creating accessible content with Microsoft 365 materials

Monthly accessibility workshops via Zoom

Brickfield Education Labs offers digital accessibility workshops on alternated weeks every month. It is a series of four online sessions, each of one hour and delivered via Zoom. Each workshop provides essential knowledge and practical skills for creating different types of digitally accessible content and resources.

  1. Introduction to digital accessibility: This session provides foundational knowledge in disabilities and digital accessibility. Some of the topics include areisability and accessibility concepts, the broad usefulness of accessible content and a look at accessibility in general for Moodle.
  2. Web accessibility: Taking the concepts of digital accessibility and applying this specifically to building web content is important. These guidelines apply as much to content built in courses in Moodle as to content built in websites like WordPress.
  3. Accessibility in documents: Much of the content we create now involves multi-media.  Videos, Podcasts, Audio files and images. This workshop brings attendees through the different considerations when creating the different media types.
  4. Accessibility for multimedia: A lot of material created by academic staff and provided to and used by students in online courses tend to be either MS Office or PDF files. This session will look at MS Word and PowerPoint and how to create better new documents and improve existing documents to provide a better experience for all users. 

Expected duration of each session: 50 minutes

Book here with your institutional email account , you will receive a confirmation email with an iCal invitation for a Zoom meeting from Brickfield Labs. 

Accessibility Mini-MOOC

This interactive and engaging Moodle course designed and delivered by Brickfield Training Academy aim to teach participants fundamental concepts and strategies about digital accessibility. The course consist of four modules:

  1. Accessibility Foundations: You will be introduced to the basics of accessibility, the role of Assistive Technology, the concept of Universal Design for Learning and the legal framework that exists to aid people with disabilities.
  2. Web Accessibility: Learn how to integrate accessibility into all aspects of your content creation from Layout, Text, and Links to Tables, Images and Media.
  3. Media Accessibility: In this module explore accessible media elements. Whether in the format of video clips, podcasts or written articles, it offers teachers and students opportunities to reinforce concepts and promote more in-depth learning and interaction.
  4. Document Accessibility: In this module explore styles, formatting and other elements that make documents accessible. So, whether you are preparing a webpage, spreadsheet, presentation or uploading content to Moodle, following the guiding principles in this module will help you ensure accessibility when creating documents.

Expected duration of each module: This is an online self-paced resource and suits your availability of time.

Please send an email to tel@bath.ac.uk to get enrolled on the course. Remember this course start the first week of each month

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