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Learning Technologies – Known Issues Log

Any known issues with CLT supported learning technologies will be listed here. The issues noted are under investigation or review (by our development team or through external development teams), and once they are resolved they will be removed from this list.

Please encourage colleagues to check this before contacting the TEL team for support.


Known IssueAdvice
Grade Transfer. The ability to transfer multiple selected grades is currently not working. Staff can continue to use the Transfer All button (link) to transfer grades. Where it is not appropriate to transfer all grades, individual grades can be transferred on a per student basis.
Accessibility+ Toolkit report. For a small number of Moodle spaces, the Accessibility+ toolkit block shows a “Scheduled for analysis” message and does not process the Accessibility+ report. This issue has been reported to the vendor and will be fixed in a future update.For Moodle spaces that display this issue, there is currently no way to process the report. We recommend following the general digital accessibility guidance or contacting tel@bath.ac.uk for support with developing your content accessibly.


Known IssueAdvice


Known IssueAdvice


Known IssueAdvice


Known IssueAdvice
Keyboard shortcuts (such as H to hide or show results) do not work from an embedded Mentimeter slide in PowerPoint.Access the poll directly from the presentation in your Mentimeter account (via the website). Keyboard shortcuts will work when the poll is accessed this way.


Known IssueAdvice
When staff access student portfolios from a Moodle Assignment, the link goes to the Mahara home page rather than to the portfolio.In Mahara, staff can click the Shared with me link to find student portfolios. It may be necessary to ask the student to share their porfolio directly with staff via their portfolio settings.


Known IssueAdvice
The Matching Texts page is not displaying hints, and the Submit button disappears after one attempt.You may want to avoid this page type until the issue is resolved. A bug has been noted to the Xerte team.

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