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Learning Technologies – Known Issues Log

Any known issues with CLT supported learning technologies will be listed here. The issues noted are under investigation (by our development team or through external services), and once they are resolved they will be removed from this list.

Please encourage colleagues to check this before contacting the TEL team for support.


Known IssueAdvice
Authentication issues affecting the SAMIS/Moodle sync. Please see our blog post for further details: https://telbath.com/2023/09/12/12-sept-moodle-enrolment-issue/Please be patient until a fix has been put in place. The blog post explains the options.

Re:View (Panopto)

Known IssueAdvice


Known IssueAdvice


Known IssueAdvice


Known IssueAdvice


Known IssueAdvice


Known IssueAdvice
The PDF download on a Results page is producing duplicate information in some scenarios. For example, if someone works through a resource up to the Results page then moves back through it, attempting interactive activities again, this can result in duplication.It’s not feasible in most Xerte resources to control how people work through any given resource, so until the issue is solved there is no work around.

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