Introduction to the Hub

What is the Learning and Teaching Hub?

This Learning and Teaching Hub is created to offer support and resources for all our staff. It’s designed to be your one-stop destination for pedagogical guidance, professional development opportunities and information about our innovative teaching tools. It also includes a detailed reference resource of guidance articles to help you find answers to specific questions about our main teaching and learning platforms and applications.

Watch this orientation video for a quick overview of the site, and some tips on how to make the most of what’s here.

Introduction video

Guidance Articles

If you have a specific question about a platform or application (i.e. our learning technologies), the guidance section of the hub can help. It’s divided into categories and groups of articles to help you find what you need quickly. We also have a range of articles to support your teaching, with practical advice to help you get started. We also showcase good practice through case studies developed with academic staff here at Bath.

General Pages

Our general pages offer a friendly starting point for information about professional development, teaching & assessment practices and the main learning technologies we use at Bath. We’ll alos aim to keep the home page fresh, with new content appearing regularly to keep you informed.

Workshops and Events

The CLT provide a range of workshops and events throughout the year, and you can book your place right here on this site. When booking an event, we ask you to log in, which provides us with the means to contact you with reminders or pre-event information. You can also manage your bookings when logged into the site. Logging in is connected to your University Microsoft account and requires your full Bath email (in the format and your password.

Email reminders that come from the Hub often get diverted to the Outlook Junk folder so please check there once you have booked. We are working with DD&T to resolve this issue.

The search facility will find articles or pages in this site. You can type a key word and wait for suggestions or click Enter on your keyboard to see a page of results.

Site Assistant

Wherever you visit in this site you’ll notice a blue question mark icon at the foot of the page. This is the Site Assistant and allows you to find and read any page or article. Think of this as your quick route to finding a resource.

Hub site assistance icon (blu circle with white question mark).


The site is based on an accessible WordPress theme and the content added will endeavour to meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards.


The University is a place full of terminology and acronyms, so we’ve started a Glossary to clarify the terms that relate to the CLT. If we’ve missed something, please let us know.

CLT Communication

The CLT use several avenues to communicate with the University community, and you’ll find evidence of that around this site. You can also get news directly from our newsletter and blogs, straight to your email inbox. Visit each one to follow/subscribe.

Give us your feedback

The article pages on this site all have the option for you to provide feedback. This can be a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, or you can additionally write us a comment. These will be reviewed at intervals throughout the year, and we will consider all suggestions for improvement.

Feedback thumbs on artcile pages.  A thumbs up for Yes and a thumbs down for No.

If you would prefer to email us with your feeedback, please do via

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