What do we mean?

Course Contact = a nominated staff member to act as the main contact for the Course

Moodle Course Page = a landing page for the entire course (either all years groups, or per year)

Moodle Unit Page = a Moodle page for an individual unit (e.g for AB10001)

Moodle Course and Unit Template = a template for the Course  and Unit Pages. The template consists of two parts: (1) an Essential Unit Information Area; (2) and a Content Area

Moodle Essential Unit Information Area = an area which appears by default at the top of each Moodle page for manual entry of key information in a consistent way

Moodle Content Area = is the main body of your Unit page – in other words, the place where you can upload content, resources and activities

Quick Guides - The Bath Blend Baseline Templates for Moodle

The University's approach to course delivery is called the Bath Blend. To enable staff to deliver the Bath Blend within Moodle, we have a Bath Blend Baseline for Moodle and have developed a Moodle Essential Information Area, which appears at the top of every Moodle unit page. Unit and course-level templates are also available.

Moodle Unit template online guide

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This online guide explains how to populate your Moodle unit template and provides examples of learning activities and guidance for students

screenshot from moodle unit template online guide

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Updated on: 16/09/2022