What do we mean?
  • Screencast - a video recording of your computer screen.
  • Upload - the process of moving a recording from your computer to a video platform such as Re:View.
  • Embed - using a code generated by a third-party website that a user can copy and paste into his or her own webpage. This code will then show the same media on the user's web page as it does in the original source.

Quick Guides - Video editing

Basic editing in Re:View (Panopto)

Videos that have been uploaded to Re:View, the University's video platform, can be edited using the built-in editing tools. The easiest ways to edit a video in Re:View are:

This screencast demonstrates how to perform basic editing in Re:View.

Other software for video editing

There is a range of software openly available for editing video content. You may wish to use these if:

  • You have recorded a video in Re:View and wish to perform more advanced editing (this would involve recording in Re:View, downloading the recording, editing in alternative software, then finally uploading the recording back into Re:View).
  • You have recorded a video outside of Re:View (e.g. using PowerPoint or a phone camera) and wish to make advanced edits before uploading your finished video to Re:View.

This table demonstrates some of the options available.

Windows PhotoWindows Photo is included free with Windows 10. It allows users to combine video with photos and offers an easy 'drag and drop' interface. Add transitions and text. Trim and split content. Add audio to recordings. Only available on Windows computers. Cutting and trimming a long video would take time and practise. Not supported by University of Bath.
iMovie for MaciMovie is included free on Macs.Has a range of editing tools such as trimming, adding music and video effects. A good all-round piece of software.Only available for Mac users. Can have difficulty exporting video from Mac to Re:View. Not supported by University of Bath.
Microsoft StreamMicrosoft Stream has a basic built in video editor. We do not recommend using Microsoft Stream for making and storing learning and teaching recordings (Re:View should be used for this). It is suitable for recording meetings with colleagues.Easy to 'top and tail' recorded meetings.Limited editing functionality. Can only 'top and tail' recordings.
Free open source video editorsEditors such as Shotcut and Openshot are free to download and install on your computer.No subscription required. A greater range of editing tools than Re:View, therefore it's possible to produce a more polished video.It will take some time and practise to become familiar with the editing tools. Ensure you read the terms and conditions before downloading. Not supported by University of Bath.
Paid-for video editorsThere is a wide range of paid-for video editors available to purchase. It is unlikely you would need to buy these unless you regularly produce polished videos. The Adobe range can be very technical, whilst Camtasisa, Snagit and Screencast-o-matic are easier to learn. The University also has some video editing software available to purchase.Much more functionality than a free video editor. Can take time to learn. Free trials are often available.Can be expensive (Screencast-o-matic is the cheapest option). Not supported by University of Bath.
Apps for mobile and tabletsThere are many free and paid-for apps that can be downloaded for video editing on phones and tablets. iMovie is available for iOS devices whilst Splice is a generally good all-round app for video editing across mobile devices.Good for editing 'on the go.' Can drag and drop and use various cuts, filters and effects to create impressive video content without the need for a high level of digital skill.Can be difficult to import/export video from a mobile device. Small screen size on a mobile phone could make editing difficult. Not supported by University of Bath.

For advice on using Re:View to enhance learning, teaching and assessment contact TEL tel@bath.ac.uk

For technical support contact the AV team through Top Desk

Updated on: 26 June 2020