Lecturer at front of class using a computer and a display screen.

Audio Visual (AV) in teaching rooms

What is it? At the University of Bath, many General Teaching Area (GTA) rooms are designed for the effective use of Audio Visual (AV). Teaching sessions, presentations, and video conferencing are all situations in which AV can be deployed. The

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Typewriter and paper with word 'blog' typed on it.


What is it? Blogs are online platforms that allow users to write and publish material to the internet.  Blogging is the act of writing regularly to such a platform where posts are presented in reverse chronological order so that the

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Person using a smartphone.

Electronic Polling

What is it? Polling software allows learners to participate in real time polling activities using a clicker or their own mobile, tablet or computer. TurningPoint is a type of polling software that can operate from within or outside of PowerPoint,

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Screenshot of Mahara login screen.


What is it? An e-portfolio is an online collection of reflections and digital artefacts (such as documents, images, blogs, resumés, multimedia, hyperlinks and contact information). Learners and staff can use an e-portfolio to demonstrate learning, skills and development and record

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Lecture room with staff member presenting to students

Lecture Capture

What is it? Re:View is the University of Bath's lecture capture system (also known as Panopto). It allows staff to record lectures and other activities in General Teaching Accommodation (GTA) rooms, as well as in some other teaching rooms across

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A screenshot of UoB MOOC courses.


What is it? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Massive Open Online Course (or MOOC) is defined as: “a course of study made available over the Internet without charge to a very large number of people.” The MOOCs offered at Bath

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Screenshot of moodle home page.


What is it? Moodle is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used at Bath. It is essentially a website that facilitates the delivery of content and activities to students, through the provision of a range of built in tools and functions.

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Microsoft office icons

Office 365

Office 365What is it? Office 365 is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Office applications and online productivity services, as well as business services such as web conferencing, hosted email, and online storage. Commonly used Office 365 applications

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Vivi app home screen

Vivi Wireless Screen Mirroring

This page is a work in progress What is it? Vivi is a piece of equipment installed in teaching rooms at the University of Bath. It allows you to wirelessly project from any device to the main screen. The Vivi

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Man using a laptop.

Web Conferencing

What is it? Synchronous web conferencing typically involves real time communication with geographically dispersed participants through the medium of text, audio or video (or all three). It enables students and staff to reach out to different populations and expertise that

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Xerte – Online Learning Authoring Tool


What is it? Xerte Online Toolkits (or Xerte, usually pronounced Zertee) is an interactive content creation tool for making web-based learning objects, without the need for programming skills. The University has its own installation of this software which is available

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