A checklist to consider when integrating TEL into your teaching

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is a term that embraces the effective use of digital technology for the improvement of teaching and learning. Delivering TEL to a high standard requires that technology use be integrated into curriculum planning, which can allow time for: 

  • Technology evaluations: which tool is the right tool for the given pedagogical activity? 
  • Training requirements: how will staff and students know what to do, both technically and pedagogically? 
  • Hands-on preparation time: how much up-front time is required for set up and sustainability?
  • Resource/activity evaluations: how will course teams plan to gather/use feedback during and after delivery? 

The following checklist presents some key questions for consideration. 


  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Innovation in Learning & Teaching
  • Curriculum Design
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Review and Reflect


Bath Blend Baseline

Download checklist (Word)



For advice on incorporating the use of TEL into your teaching delivery, contact the TEL team: tel@bath.ac.uk


Updated 20 December 2022
TEL Team