This guidance offers suggestions for staff who use assessed presentations in their unit. In an assessed presentation, students may work individually or as part of a group to research, prepare, and give a short talk given to an audience on a topic within their discipline. Presentations are a valuable method of assessment which enable students to demonstrate such things as: 

  • communication skills (e.g. oral, visual, physical) alongside their knowledge of the subject;
  • giving and receiving feedback;
  • reflecting on and refining work;
  • digital literacy skills;
  • language skills or the ability to conduct a conversation in a target language.

Key questions

Consider the following questions to think through important aspects of designing an effective presentation task:

Using the Re:View (Panopto) assignment folder for video submissions

The Re:View (Panopto) assignment folder is a subfolder that shares a user list with its parent folder. Those with viewer access (students) to the parent folder (normally the Moodle-linked folder) have the ability to record and upload videos to the assignment folder.

  • Students can upload video and audio files to the assignment folder.
  • The assignment folder allows for uploads of unlimited size (as opposed to the 50mb upload limit on Moodle).
  • Students cannot see each other's recordings (although this can be changed manually to allow students to peer review recordings).
  • Individual recordings can be shared with external examiners.
  • Recordings can be archived in line with the University's assessment policies.
  • For summative assessment, use the assignment folder alongside a Moodle submission point.
  • Although it is called the 'assignment' folder, it does not have to be used for assessment only! It is simply a sub-folder with special permissions that students can upload to - for example, if MFL students are practicing their pronunciation they could each upload an audio recording to the assignment folder for other students to peer review.

Providing guidance to students

Part of the presentation process is making sure that students are provided with appropriate guidance about how to approach the presentation, including access to technical support if they are being asked to use unfamiliar tools.

  • We encourage staff to create guidance for their students which includes key information such as: Where to upload their video, naming conventions, and guidance on video length. We are working on providing examples and a template for staff that can be downloaded and adapted as appropriate.
  • The Re:View (Panopto) student FAQ page on the CLT Hub features a section about the assignment folder. This is a page that answers many of the common student queries and can be signposted to students through their Moodle page.


Sian Morgan in the Department of Health used the Re:View assignment folder for video submissions with distance learning students.

In the short video below she discusses using the Re:View platform for the first time and gives some advice to staff who may be using the assignment folder with their students.

Using the Re:View (Panopto) assignment folder for video submissions

Using the assignment folder in Re:View/Panopto has been easy and the majority of the students have followed instructions and been able to upload small video files without any problems. I was easily able to resolve the concerns of a few students without having to rely on the TEL team for assistance.
Sian Morgan – Lecturer, Department for Health

The Faculty of Science used the Re:View assignment folder during the period of Coronavirus disruption when it was not possible to hold presentations in person.

Students have successfully uploaded their PowerPoint presentation recordings on Re:View. There were 5 students who uploaded 5 minute mp4 files in parallel and the system worked well. It took about 30-40min to process and upload but that wasn’t a problem. I also ran a discussion panel using a webinar platform which worked really well. Again, all students were comfortable and happy with the result.
Momna Hejmadi – Associate Dean, Faculty of Science

Updated on: 26 October 2020