What do we mean?

  • Online whiteboard: an online digital canvas allowing collaboration and saving of the completed canvas.
  • Synchronous meeting: a meeting where participants can communicate live, in real time.
  • Polling: requiring participants to indicate a response to a question. Replies are received instantly.
  • Breakout rooms: participants move from the online meeting space to smaller meeting rooms, often for discussion or to collaborate.

How to access Zoom

The details below are for staff in the Education & Research (E&R) and Management, Specialist and Administration (MSA) groups and describe how you should login to Zoom using Single Sign-On (SSO). If a Postgraduate requires a licence upgrade to allow them to teach regularly on Zoom, this can be requested by the Unit Convenor. Contact tel@bath.ac.uk with the unit code, username of student, and reason for upgrade.

Please note, that it is important that you follow the steps outlined below to minimise conflicts with accounts, as we know many staff have already set up basic Zoom accounts using their University credentials.

Steps to follow

There are two ways to set up your account in Zoom, through the web browser or through the Zoom client app, if you are able to install apps on your computer.

Please note, if you are using the Moodle Scheduling tool to schedule your meetings (recommended option), then please FIRST log into Zoom desktop or web client via SSO to create your account. You only need to do this once.

If you have already set up an account in Zoom using your Bath credentials, then you may be prompted to merge your accounts during this process.  To keep a personal account with Zoom, you will need to change the email details associated with the personal account as your work email will be attached to this account.

This short video takes you through the steps, which we also describe below.

Please note that these accounts are only available for staff in the E&R and MSA job families (we will be shortly adding casual teaching staff and PGR students who teach).

Via a web browser

  1. Go to bath-ac-uk.zoom.us in a web browser.
  2. On the landing page, Sign In
  3. This should open the Bath Single Sign On screen – log in using your usual Bath username and password.
  4. This will take you in to Zoom, where you will be able to set up your Profile information (e.g Department, Role etc), see data about your meetings and set up/schedule meetings (please note, you will not currently be able to link Zoom to your Outlook calendar).

Via the Zoom client

  1. Go to zoom.us/download, navigate to the Zoom Client for Meetings and download.
  2. Once downloaded and installed, open up the Zoom client and click on the link to Sign in with SSO.

Decorative image

  1. If asked to enter your Company email address, please ensure you enter this using the username@bath.ac.uk format, or, if asked for the domain, type bath-ac-uk and click continue.
  2. This will open the Bath Single Sign On screen where you should log in using your usual Bath credentials.
  3. Within the Zoom client, you can set up your Profile information (Department and Role etc) - you will be taken to the web browser when you do this.

To find out more about the different ways you can schedule your meetings in Zoom, please visit our information page on Scheduling meetings.


Updated on: 8 September 2020