This page outlines the ways that the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team can support course teams to plan and prepare for Curriculum Transformation (CT).

Moodle templates

The TEL team has created Moodle templates to enable a quick and easy way to provide structure, consistency, and clarity when designing Moodle spaces.

 Bath Blend Baseline Moodle Templates

Please contact if:

  • Your course team requires advice on which template would be best suited to their context.
  • You would like Moodle spaces created for new units being delivered from September 2023 - these can be created with templates already applied.


The TEL team has created and gathered resources to support course teams with incorporating learning technologies throughout Curriculum Transformation. The resources below are a mixture of how-to guides, case studies, and suggested good practise.

Bath Blend Baseline

The Bath Blend Baseline is an easy-to-follow framework that you can use to design and improve the digital learning experience of your students. Divided into four key areas (consistencyaccessibilityscaffolding and engagement), the framework builds on accepted good practice from across the digital learning sector.

Bath Blend Baseline Moodle Templates

Introduction to Moodle templates to provide a quick and easy way to create structure, consistency, and clarity when designing Moodle spaces.


Explore the key features, benefits and design considerations for delivering effective blended teaching.

Try out Moodle 4.1 on our preview site!

An introduction to Moodle 4.1.

How can I structure and scaffold my course in Moodle?

A video guide to structuring your Moodle space.

Flipping the Classroom

This page contains information on flipped learning and the best ways to implement it effectively.

Assessment Options

Recommended workflows for setting up your chosen digital assessment type.

Using a Moodle Quiz for Summative Assessment 

Information about Moodle Quizzes and guidance for writing effective Multiple Choice Questions.

Assessment and feedback

Information, guidance, and resources to support the design and development of assessment and feedback activities.

Top tips for assessment and feedback

Tips for enhancing students’ understanding of assessment and engagement with feedback, drawn from the Understand, Engage, Act (UEA) principles.

Choosing your assessment method

Guidance on the different methods of assessment described in the University’s Assessment Taxonomy. Intended to inform the choice and development of a well-considered and robust assessment strategy, as part of a course-wide approach to learning.

Peer assessment

Guidance on peer assessment, how to use it effectively, and case studies focussed on implementation.

Digital Accessibility Hub

This guidance covers what accessibility is, why it’s important and includes guidance to assist you in creating accessible content.

5 steps towards accessible content

Use these 5 steps to start your journey in making your content accessible to everyone.

TEL Tip: Using Alt Text

A TEL Tip blog post explaining what alt. text is and how to use it effectively.

Moodle Course Administration

Top tips for using Moodle

How to user technology reporting fuctions to review student participation and activity in digital learning.

Top tips for using Moodle

Tips for using Moodle; great for those just getting started.

Countdown to Teaching: Common queries

Answers to common queries for students and staff using Moodle.

Moodle Course Management

A guide designed to support the management of your Moodle space. It covers the Moodle timeline, enrolment, how to reset Moodle, Assignments, and Groups.

TEL Tip: Restricting Access Subject to Conditions in Moodle

A TEL Tip on restricting access to an activity, or resource, based on students completing certain conditions.

Quick guide to using groups in Moodle

Guidance on creating and managing groups in Moodle.

Moodle Forum Assessment Overview & FAQs

The Moodle Forum activity is a tool for communication and collaboration that allows learners and educators to exchange ideas by posting comments in a thread.

Polling Software – Mentimeter

Mentimeter allows you to poll and survey your students asynchronously, or synchronously.

Moodle Boards Overview & FAQs

Moodle Boards is a collaborative activity that enables students to post comments, images, or videos.

H5P in Moodle Overview & FAQs

H5P allows you to create interactive and engaging activities for your students.

Xerte Guidance

Xerte allows you to create interactive and engaging activities for your students.

Video editing – Bath Blend Essentials

Getting started with video recording.

Basic video editing in Re:View (Panopto)

Guidance on the editing tools in Re:View (Panopto).

How to record using the Panopto desktop recorder for Windows

Video guidance for Windows users on how to get started using the Panopto desktop recorder.

How to record using the Panopto desktop recorder for Mac

Video guidance for Mac users on how to get started using the Panopto desktop recorder.

Recording with Zoom

Recording a Zoom meeting; can be used to create a video.

Record your screen in PowerPoint

Guidance on how to record your computer screen and audio through PowerPoint to create a video.


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