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IPL: In-person learning (the term generally used for a face-to-face, on campus session)

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Support for Hybrid

We do not recommend staff attempt hybrid delivery unless they are very confident in using the technologies and have spoken to the AV and TEL teams in advance of their sessions to ensure that they are properly prepared.

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Recording your session in a GTA space

The following guidance is designed for staff who want to record their on-campus, face-to-face sessions in Re:View (Panopto).  It focuses on how to use the Panopto Recorder on the PC in the teaching room to capture a session and includes information on selecting the correct audio and video inputs, as well as how to record in-room peripheral devices such as visualisers.

This guidance is not intended for any staff attempting hybrid delivery of on-campus sessions using Zoom or Teams (please read scenario 2).

For any technical issues in the teaching spaces, the AV team will still be your first point of contact, and will be available on ext 4846.


Different Teaching Scenarios

1. Recording your in-person session


This is the recommended scenario and mirrors teaching in a GTA space pre-COVID-19. This is where you are teaching one group of students in one teaching room.


For further guidance, please watch the following video by Dr Elise Pegg, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, where she demonstrates the steps for recording a session in Chancellors' Building 1.11.


The main technical difference to note is how you record sessions in the GTA rooms this year, if required. Indeed, firstly, think about what needs to be recorded, if at all. What are students going to gain from the recording? If you decide not to record IPL time, we would recommend discussing this with your students so that they are informed, and understand the reasoning behind your decision. There are no scheduled lecture recordings; staff will have to initiate the recording in the GTA rooms as required. Staff should use the Panopto Desktop Recorder, which is installed on all GTA computers. Please type "Panopto Recorder" into the search bar on the desktop to find and launch the recorder. Either:
  • Set the recording to save in My Folder and then move the recording to the Moodle-linked folder later.
  • Or set the recording in Panopto recorder to save directly to the Moodle-linked folder for your unit.
  • The instructions for how to do this are contained within this document (opens a pdf document).  This is a generic document and there might be a few minor differences depending on the room you are in.  However, in-room instructions will be provided by the lectern on how to select the appropriate webcam(s) and audio input(s) for the particular room.
  • If either the Panopto Desktop Recorder software or in-room instructions are missing, please contact the AV team. For AV related emergencies, please phone ext. 4846. To report a fault in the GTA rooms please fill out the AV fault form.

Top Tip if Recording:

If you are asking a question of the group, please ensure it is spoken into the in-room microphone. If a student asks a question, you may need to repeat it into the microphone so that it can be heard on the recording. Similarly, answers to questions may need to be repeated into the microphone. This is especially important if you will be using this recording separately with remote students.

Some things to remember:

  • Provide additional time for yourself to set up the session once you are in the room - try to visit the room before your first session if possible so that your are aware of the facilities in the room.
  • Remind students of the University guidelines for social distancing and the wearing of masks.
  • Remind students that they should wipe down their desk before they begin.

In September 2020, during a CLT webinar, the AV team demonstrated how to use Teams, Zoom, Panopto and visualisers during an IPL session on campus. An edited version is available below:

For technical support in the GTA rooms, contact the AV Team
For general support, contact the TEL team

Updated on: 27/09/2021