Professional development opportunities in learning and teaching

The Centre for Learning & Teaching offers a one-stop shop for professional development resources designed to support staff who are interested in developing their teaching knowledge and skills.

Through our comprehensive programme of resources, events and activities, we can offer the professional support and guidance you need to:

  • develop your knowledge, skills and understanding of teaching, learning and assessment in blended modes of teaching;
  • develop your digital skills in this area through guidance and hands-on experience;
  • gain professional recognition through our accredited provision;
  • develop your career through the delivery of high-quality learning and teaching management;
  • connect with your colleagues in a community of learning and teaching.

All academic and professional services staff engaged in teaching activities can access our CLT Professional Development Programme to support the development of their teaching skills.

What do we mean?

The categories of Fellowship are awarded on the basis of evidence of personal professional practice which meets the requirements of one of the four Descriptors of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF).

The PSF is a standards framework for the higher education sector that sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours demonstrated by those teaching and/or supporting higher education learning.

How can I access academic professional development opportunities?

The Centre for Learning & Teaching’s professional development opportunities can be accessed through the CLT Hub.

Depending on your teaching experience and professional development goals, you can access this flexible and inclusive programme of activities and resources to gain access to:

Pathways to Fellowship (Pathways) to support experienced and probationer staff who seek to gain professional accreditation.

Development opportunities for all staff interested in enhancing their teaching practice.

Pathways to Fellowship (Pathways)

This Pathway is designed for lecturers who are required to complete the programme as part of their probation requirements.

Probationers will benefit from tailored support by the Academic Staff Development team within the Centre for Learning & Teaching. The team will ensure you make the most of the Pathways to Fellowship (Pathways) Scheme to enable you to gain fellowship status.

Next steps

For those new to the University and on probation, the Curriculum and Development (CAD) team will normally make contact to invite you to attend the relevant core and choice sessions, but you are quite welcome to contact us at any time.

This Pathway is suitable for experienced members of staff who teach.  This Pathway offers you the opportunity to reflect on your teaching or research practice and experience, and engage in reflective reading as part of your HEA Fellowship application. As you write your claim, you will be supported by the Curriculum and Academic Development team and have access to the full CLT Professional Development Programme of activities. This Pathway leads to gaining fellowship status i.e. AFHEA, FHEA or SFHEA.

Next steps

Use the Fellowship Category tool to understand which category of Fellowship most closely reflects your current practice and to reflect on your ongoing professional development and career aspirations.

Review the pen portraits, to give you an idea of the experience and development that is required.

For those wishing to apply for fellowship, please contact your Bath Pathways to HEA Fellowship Champion, in the first instance, to discuss further. For additional help, you are also welcome to contact Curriculum and Academic Development (CAD) team at any time.

Development opportunities for all staff

A full programme of development activities is available to all academic and research staff, technicians and professional service colleagues who wish to engage further with their academic and professional development to enhance their skills and knowledge about learning, teaching and research.

The CLT Professional Development Programme can be accessed by members of staff who:

  • are interested in engaging further with their academic and professional development;
  • already teach as part of their current role, or;
  • are planning to teach in HE.