On-request training

What do you need?

The CLT can provide staff development and training to suit your needs, whether related to curriculum, session or assessment design, or learning technology training.

Team training

Listed below are some examples of the staff development opportunities we offer to staff on request. We are happy to tailor a session for a group of staff or department depending on their need. Our list is evolving so please check back regularly. In line with curriculum principles of taking a ‘course team approach’ to development, we strongly encourage teams to access training together.

If you would like to request a specific session, please fill out this form with the details. A member of the CLT will get back to you to discuss your needs.

One-to-one training

If you require one-to-one support, please book a one-to-one session with the TEL team or email tel@bath.ac.uk (for technology enhanced learning queries) or clt@bath.ac.uk (for all other learning and teaching queries).

Staff development workshop examples

Moodle ScaffoldingThis interactive session helps you structure your Moodle course based on the principles of Consistency, Accessibility, Scaffolding and Engagement. Explores effective use of the Essential Unit Information block, Unit templates for consistency, Moodle features to structure, sequence, and support learning (including Activity Completion).
Moodle EssentialsAn overview of key features and navigation in Moodle. Useful for staff who are new to using Moodle, would like a refresher or a guided overview of key features.
Panopto EssentialsAn overview of the Panopto system for video and audio recordings and how it links with Moodle.
Panopto Assignment Folder for Video AssessmentsPanopto can be used for student video and audio assessment. This session can be designed to give an overview of the process from start to finish – From creating an assignment folder to students uploading their content.
Polling using MentimeterMentimeter is the University’s supported platform for polling. This session can provide an overview and demo of options for using Mentimeter alongside PowerPoint in your sessions.
Xerte Basics WorkshopThis session will introduce you to Xerte (online learning authoring) and will focus on creating, navigating and sharing online learning objects.
Xerte Advanced WorkshopThis session is designed to further your knowledge of Xerte (online learning authoring) and will focus on using variables, branching and bootstrap. The session includes time to explore advanced features.
Zoom EssentialsA demonstration of key functionality for getting started with Zoom, such as creating/joining meetings, screen-sharing, and using breakout rooms.
Supporting Student Engagement in Online LearningThis session covers how to plan and run synchronous online sessions to encourage student engagement. It will highlight strategies for establishing a good online learning environment and netiquette and developing online collaboration. It will signpost practical guidance on managing Zoom and Teams to securely support engagement and interaction (both synchronously and asynchronously).