University of Bath staff can gain recognition of their teaching practice through our accredited scheme with Advance HE, which allows us to award HEA fellowships. This is called Pathways to HEA Fellowships, or PHEAF.

All the information required to make a claim for fellowship can be found in our handbook

The following videos will introduce you to the types of HEA Fellowships, the UKPSF and what you need to do to make a claim.

Overviews of the descriptors - watch the relevant video for your claim for HEA fellowship

HEA Associate Fellow [D1]: What it is and what it requires  (7:21 mins)

HEA Fellow [D2]: What it is and what it requires (6:00 mins)

What you need to do to construct your application for HEA fellowship

Resources for developing your claim


The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

101 ways to align your teaching to the UKPSF

Reflecting on Practice

Reflecting on A1,  A2,  A3,  A4 and  A5

How to write reflectively

Writing Reflectively

Using evidence to make your claim

How to find Education Literature using ERIC

Finding useful education literature [10.11]

Using the education literature in your claim [8.48]

HEA resources

Discipline specific resources

Interpreting the UKPSF with a Digital Lens

Interpreting the UKPSF for Doctoral Supervision

Interpreting the UKPSF for Learning Support Roles