What do we mean?

Course Contact = a nominated staff member to act as the main contact for the Course

Moodle Essential Unit Information Area = an area which will appear by default at the top of each new Moodle Unit page for manual entry of key information in a consistent way

Quick Guides - Moodle Essential Unit Area

Introducing the New Moodle Essential Unit Information Area

The New Moodle Essential Unit Information Area is contained in the new Moodle Theme, and will be available soon for general release. The Essential Unit Information Area is a new tabbed area, which appears at the top of the Moodle page, before the main content. The tabs provide staff with a consistent layout to help them present key information relating to the unit to students. This approach is aligned with the Bath Blend Baseline’s emphasis on Consistency and Scaffolding.

Image of the Moodle Essential Unit Information Area
The new Moodle Essential Unit Information Area (click to enlarge)

Staff who are using new Moodle Theme and unit templates from 2020/21 should use this new area to populate the essential information in order to implement essential recommendations in the Bath Blend Baseline. Please note: Staff and students will see slightly different information in some of the tabs depending on which information has been completed (e.g. for Assessments, staff will see how many assessments need to be marked, and students will see their grade once it has been released). See the online guide below to help you populate the Essential Unit Information Area.

Note: Except for the Welcome tab, the information should all be derived from, and be consistent with, the approved unit specification. It is vital to ensure that the information presented in this block is accurate and that it relates to the current instance of the unit.  For this reason, ensure that you have checked the current module details (available from SAMIS), before you begin to populate these tabs. Also,  as this is a new development,  we hope to be able to populate some of the content automatically in the future. We will also be consulting widely with staff during the next academic year about future developments.

Essential unit information online guide

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This online guide explains how to populate the Moodle Essential Unit Information area

screenshot of moodle essential unit information area guide


Updated on: 04 August 2020