Guidance and resources for managing and reviewing the progress of your student, including your responsibilities as a supervisor, progress reports, completing Candidature and Confirmation, and adapting your supervision style through the doctorate.

Expectations and responsibilities

As supervisor, you have a key role in ensuring that you:

  • have regular meetings with your student
  • with your student, identify clear work plan and milestones
  • encourage the student to raise any concerns immediately with you
  • step in at an early stage if the student is demonstrating any progression issues
  • where issues are not resolved, to seek guidance from the Director of Studies and the Doctoral College
  • ensure that all progress reports are completed in a timely manner
  • support the student in preparing for progression points e.g. Confirmation for PhD students
  • in the event of you or a member of the supervision team leaving or is unable to supervise, you MUST ensure arrangements are made for alternative supervision.

Details of responsibilities can also be found at QA7  Sections 10 & 11, Review & Progress, and Progression Pointsand QA7 Appendix 1 Responsibilities of the Supervisory team.


Student comments
“Help the student (who is struggling) with empathy and help put things into perspective”

“Understand that PhD students have a life outside of their PhD, and that just as their PhD impacts that life, their life will impact their PhD. A good supervisor creates a space where their student feels able to come to them to discuss elements of their life, and supports them to manage the balance of PhD and personal life.”

“Having a meeting (maybe every 2-3 months or so) with the entire supervisory team, where the topic of discussion is more on how we can best work together as a team taking into account, our current state of wellbeing, the stage of the PhD, the other commitments of the supervisors, etc., could really help. It would ensure we are all on the same page, aiming for the same goals, and are understanding of how we each would like to work/communicate”


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Managing meetings

Meetings and reviewing progress

Keeping records and remote meetings

Giving effective feedback to your students


Adapting your supervision style

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Formal monitoring of progression

Academic Milestones

It is important for you to have an overview of the academic milestones (written for doctoral students) and to discuss these with your students so they know what to expect. See also this guide for students approaching the end of their studies - it gives step-by-step advice on the different stages that students need to go through. The Doctoral College monitors data on the completion of these academic milestones and any events which are not completed will be escalated to an appropriate person where required.

Six-month Progress Reports

You are required to undertake a formal review of your students’ progress every six months throughout the research phase of their degree. Progress reports are initiated by you as supervisor and are completed by yourself, your student and your Director of Studies through a task in SAMIS. Please note: the 6-month report is triggered by an email to you as the supervisor to complete the first part of the form, after which the student is automatically asked to complete their section, and then it is returned to you for further comments before going onto the next stage. 

You need to ensure that the progress reports are completed on time and submitted to the Board of Studies (Doctoral). If progress is not satisfactory, you are expected to raise this with your student at the earliest point in order to resolve issues promptly (QA7 Appendix 1). You may also wish to raise this with your Director of Studies.  A step-by-step guide to completing the Progress Report Form in SAMIS is given in the SAMIS manual.


Most doctoral students, apart from those on a Professional Doctorate, are required to undertake Confirmation. The Confirmation process is one of the principal ways in which the University determines whether a student is progressing well with their research and that their project is appropriate for a PhD. It is a key milestone; obtaining Confirmation can be a condition of continued funding for researchers in receipt of studentships.

Confirmation normally happens 12 months after initial registration for full-time students or 18 months for part-time students. Students have a maximum of two attempts at Confirmation.


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At Confirmation, the Progression Board of Examiners will assess:

  • the Confirmation report or other written work produced in support of the Confirmation application
  • the student's performance in an oral examination which may involve a presentation
  • the student's progress to date as determined by their supervisors
  • the student's skills training record

If your student is required to complete Confirmation, you will need to support them through the process, see QA7 section 11. As per QA7 Appendix 1, it is your responsibility as supervisor to ensure that you have read, and that the student is aware of, the various departmental/School/Faculty/Doctoral College guidance regarding the Confirmation process. For Confirmation, it is expected that you will:

  • read a draft of the Confirmation Report / and or chapter (where applicable) and provide constructive feedback
  • seek formal approval of the membership of Progression Board of Examiners
  • complete your part of the Confirmation Form in liaison with both your student and Director of Studies (where necessary)

The Doctoral College have developed Confirmation Guidance for Students which you may wish to direct your student to. There is also staff-facing Confirmation Process Guide to provide information on the requirements of staff. QA7 Appendix 5: Confirmation of PhD registration also provides advice to your student on how to prepare for the process. You will also be required to nominate Examiners for the Progression Board of Examiners. This is done through a task in SAMIS and you will be sent a reminder near to the deadline for Confirmation to complete this task.

Progression Forms

There are a number of student-facing forms and forms which are supervisor-led that you may be involved in completing. These are are required for student progression (some of which are for official progression points and others are for changes in circumstance).

Maintaining motivation and gaining independence



Further resources and support