Mahara e-portfolio - Formative

Assessment Type: Coursework (Portfolio)

Below are the TEL recommended workflows, for three formative e-portfolio assessment scenarios, using Mahara. If you are setting up a summative e-portfolio visit Mahara - Summative. The guidance provided is for typical use of Mahara.

Scenario 1 - When using Mahara Groups for a range of activities

Mahara Groups allow small groups (such as tutorial groups) to work together. They can use a discussion forum and a shared portfolio.  Groups also provide the option for students to submit their work to the group, allowing staff to provide feedback.

Scenario 2 - Sharing with others for feedback

Students have control over who they share their portfolios with.  They can share with peers, tutors or external people such as placement employers.  This allows students to gather critical commentary on their work.

Scenario 3 - Submit to a Moodle Assignment

Although submitting to Moodle would often be used for summative assessment, it can provide the ability to capture formative feedback alongside other activities the students have been doing there.