What is Mentimeter?

What is it?

Mentimeter is a type of polling software that can operate from within or outside of PowerPoint, making it suitable for use in teaching sessions.  Polling software allows learners to participate in real time polling activities using a mobile device, tablet or computer. 

What are the pros & cons?

  • Students can respond and see the responses of their peers in real time.
  • Mentimeter can integrate with PowerPoint.
  • Polling software can create an engaging and interactive learning environment.
  • Use polling software to check your audience’s understanding of a topic. Instructors can see results immediately and use these to inform discussion and address misconceptions.
  • A range of question types are available, from multiple-choice to word clouds.
  • Data can be identifiable by person or made anonymous.
  • Detailed results enable further analysis, for example for research purposes or course evaluations.
  • Students can use their own devices to take part in polling.
  • Students can suffer from ‘question-fatigue’ if polling software is used too often.
  • Mentimeter has a range of different versions and options for polling, so time needs to be invested in learning which of these are best suited for your context.
  • Students without their own devices may need to share a device with a fellow student, loan a laptop, or investigate funding opportunities to access one. 
  • Mobile devices require a stable internet connection and battery power.

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