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Welcome to Inspera

What is Inspera?

Inspera is the University of Bath’s online exam platform. The University of Bath first piloted the system in 2018, and it was adopted more fully for the Semester 1 2020/21 assessment period in response to the pandemic. In 2022/23 the School of Management piloted in-person Inspera exams at the university in the newly built 10 East.

Inspera is linked to assessment items in SAMIS and is currently used for exams and multiple-choice tests taken during the assessment periods. When marks are confirmed on Inspera by graders, they are passed to SAMIS automatically.

Exams created on Inspera can contain a variety of different question types and methods for students to answer their exams. This includes a range of automatically marked question types such as Multiple Choice, Text Entry, and Numeric Entry, but also manually marked questions such as Essay boxes, or File Upload points. Further guidance can be found on the Inspera for Authors page.

Accessing Inspera

Inspera can be found at assessment.bath.ac.uk/admin and is accessed via Single Sign On (SSO) using your Bath credentials. Note that there is an Admin side and a Student side. To author, grade, or administer exams you will need to select the Admin side.

Inspera supports the two most recent, stable versions of the following internet browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Student resources

Guidance for students about exams (both in-person and remote) can be found on the Exams and assessments webpage.

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