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No, posts are anonymous to students. Currently there is no way to change this.

If you need students to identify themselves as the author of a post (for other students to see), we recommend advising students to add their names in the Post title or Content box of their post.

You can Export submissions to see who has created each post, with a date and time stamp. To view student activity beyond this, you can use the Logs. You can find Logs from the main page of your Moodle space, by clicking the Reports tab.

Yes, as a teacher you can remove, as well as move any posts on the Board.

To delete a post simply click the x on the chosen post.

And confirm your selection by selecting Delete.

To move a post you can click, hold and drag the post to the appropriate column.

No, you cannot pin a post. However, you can sort your post by creation date, so it is recommended to enable this function and add your post to the column before making the Board visible to students.

Board does not automatically update to show other people’s activities. You will need to refresh your screen to view new posts and ratings.

In Edit mode you can drag the columns into new positions using the four-headed cursor.

No, participants won’t be able to directly comment on posts. Participants can rate a post (if enabled) and add a new post to a column but cannot comment on a specific post.

No, participants cannot upload a file.

Participants can add text (up to 250 characters), links, images, or YouTube clips to a post.

You cannot change a response after you have liked a post. Board will ask you to confirm you want to rate a post so that you cannot accidentally like a message.

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