Maintaining Academic Integrity

We are working closely with colleagues across the CLT, Academic Registry and the Skills Centre to develop a joined-up approach to the use of Generative AI at the University.

To accomplish this:

  • We need to focus, going forward, on assessment design.
  • We need to provide clear support and guidance for our students in relation to these tools and their appropriate use.
  • We have to consider our approach to AI literacy more broadly, and support staff and students to gain a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of AI in Higher Education.

Updated Academic Integrity

The University's current Code of Practice on Academic Integrity, outlined in QA53, Examination and Assessment Offences, together with the procedures for dealing with Academic misconduct, have been reviewed to ensure that they encompass the use of generative AI tools.


Guidance on referencing AI-generated content is currently limited but the format below is often used:

OpenAI, ChatGPT, 24 Jan. 2023,

The Library is working to produce further resources in this area, and have updated the Referencing guide: Harvard Bath.  In all situations, you will need to ensure that your students understand when constitutes acceptable use of generative AI tools and when their use is not appropriate.  As a starting point, the Skills Centre has produced a short video for students exploring the use of AI tools.

Updated on: 16/03/2023