Both doctoral researchers and supervisors can make assumptions about their responsibilities. Successful supervisory relationships are usually built upon an explicit understanding (agreement or even disagreement) about the responsibilities of each party.

This questionnaire can provide a stimulus for discussion between you and your doctoral student to help you agree what each of you expects from the supervisory relationship.

Each pair of statements could be reviewed by both the doctoral researcher and the supervisor who then independently record their expectations . For example with statement 1, if you believe very strongly that it is the supervisor's responsibility to select a good topic, put a ring round ‘1'. If you think that both the supervisor and researcher should equally be involved you put a ring round ‘3' and if you think it is definitely the researcher's responsibility to select a topic, choose ‘5'.

Answers can be compared and discussed. The statements might be used, for example, during an initial supervision meeting to ensure that expectations, roles and responsibilities are agreed from the beginning of the relationship.

As perceptions may change over time, it may be useful to revisit these statements, particularly where issues arise in the supervisory relationship.