Collating the necessary information and resources

Before starting to populate the examinations, make sure you have all the necessary information and resources to hand.  Remember that dates on Inspera are displayed in the US format (01/12/2022 rather than 12/01/2022 for 12th January 2022). Areas to consider will include:

  • SAMIS code and title of the examination
  • Name of the corresponding Question Set for the examination (shared with you by the unit convenor)
  • Type of exam (Fixed-time, Flexible-start, or Open-24).
  • Start date and time of the examination
  • End date and time of the examination
  • Duration of the examination (if Flexible-start exam)
  • Any additional information specific to the examination
  • Exam instruction sheet (The Exam Instruction Sheet templates can be found on the Exams and assessment 2021-22 wiki page from Academic Registry, and should be filled in by the author / unit convenor).
  • Number of candidates who are registered on the unit
  • List of candidates with extra time (if Fixed-time or Flexible-start)
  • Details of those who will be grading (can be added at a later date)