Lecture capture at the University of Bath


Copyright is an essential consideration when using video clips in a lecture. There are educational exceptions to copyright that allows using excerpts and clips of media such as audio and video. However your use of media protected by copyright must be reasonable and proportionate and for the purpose of illustration and instruction (teaching). If unsure you can seek advice from the Media Usage & Copyright Advisor.

Lecture capture considerations

If your lecture is being recorded and you include video made by someone else, this must be carefully considered as you will be making digital copies and making them accessible to your students. If you are not 100% sure that your use will fall under an educational exception to copyright it is strongly advised you either pause recording at that point of the lecture or edit out any third party material you have included. When editing a video clip out, if it was sourced from somewhere like YouTube you can embed the video into the recording directly, which avoids any potential issues with copyright. It is vital that you ensure you have permission to capture any lecture that you wish to have recorded.

Embed YouTube in Review
Embed a YouTube clip during the editing process in Re:View

If your lecture is a standard SAMIS timetabled session consisting of only staff and students permission will have already have been contractually obtained. If anyone attending the lecture is not staff or student, you will need to obtain their consent should they be included in the recording.

For more information

University of Bath Intellectual Property policy:


University of Bath Intellectual Property policy when using Panopto:


Consent forms for filming and photography can be obtained here:


If unsure, seek advice from the Media Usage & Copyright Advisor.

A PDF leaflet about copyright for staff and students can be obtained here:


If unsure about the use of media or issues related media and copyright you can seek advice from the Media Usage & Copyright Advisor Thomas Pace.

Further Guidelines on the many aspects of Media usage and copyright can be found here:


Recording lectures: legal considerations