Academic integrity is the ethical policy or moral code of academic study. It describes a shared commitment to fundamental values in learning, teaching, and research in UK higher education and beyond. These values provide a practical and positive framework of expectations shared between students and staff.

The University expects all its students to commit to, and maintain, high standards of academic honesty and integrity, respecting the work and originality of others in the course of all their work. Informing and supporting students is important to help prevent deliberate or inadvertent undermining of these values.

In this strand of work:

  • Student Champions have helped to review a revised Academic Integrity Test that all students must undertake that introduces key issues and signposts to sources of support.
  • Student Champions have supported the Academic Integrity Working Group to produce a number of information pieces on the student experience of cheating in academic study.
  • Student Champions are exploring ways to work with Student Co-creators in the Skills Centre to better understand the experience of particular student cohorts in relation to academic integrity including international students.

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