Using TurningPoint during the 2020-21 Academic Year

In previous years, many colleagues have used TurningPoint Desktop through its Powerpoint add-in as a polling tool in lecture theatres. With the move to blended learning, existing users of TurningPoint may prefer to continue to use the TurningPoint Desktop version, while colleagues who are new to using TurningPoint may find the added simplicity of Web Polling makes it the best approach for them.

Your TurningPoint account/General FAQs

Yes, you can install TurningPoint from the University of Bath software centre. You can find the software centre in the Start Menu (Windows) or the Dock (Mac) of your University computer. Download TurningPoint from there.

Yes. Log into TurningPoint, click ‘Get started’ and follow the instructions to either create an account or log in with your University of Bath username and password (you may be asked to do this twice).

Screenshot to show how to login

Click on the download icon on the top right of your screen.

Screenshot to show download link for TurningPoint

Choose the download appropriate for your machine. We suggest the TurningPoint Desktop application for full functionality, but TurningPoint Web polling may be simpler for new users.

Screenshot of TurningPoint download options

Please note for Mac users planning to use Powerpoint polling, the TurningPoint Desktop app has stopped working in Mac and users should instead install the TurningPoint Web version. Powerpoint polls created using the TurningPoint web app are compatible with running polls on Turning Point desktop in GTA rooms (except Wordcloud). 

Due to the way TurningPoint licences work, some staff users may have the ability to create polls but not run them. 

If you are a new user: Contact the AV department to request a TurningPoint licence.

If you are an existing user: If you have used TurningPoint since September 2020 to run polls then you are likely to already have an account. 

If you have used TurningPoint before but not for over a year: Your subscription may have expired.

If you are unsure whether you have a full instructor account, contact AV and they will be able to tell you.

Alternatively, check by logging onto with your University of Bath email address and password.

Click on the ‘person’ icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Then click ‘Profile.’

Turning Point profile is access by clicking on the person icon, followed by the word Profile.

Check the expiry date of your subscription. If it has expired then contact AV for this to be renewed.

Turning Point profile screen with Subscription expiration date highlighted.

A final way to check if your subscription is up to date is to create an anonymous poll. Test it by opening in a private browser window and answer the questions as if you are a participant. If you cannot answer the questions then you do not have a full instructor account and need to contact AV for an upgrade.

TurningPoint offer regular webinars which you can find details of here. This page also features a number of help guides and videos.

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team at the University of Bath offer training on a range of systems throughout the year which you can find details of here. If you have a specific training request then please email

Question boxes: there is character and symbol support for simple equations only. There is no native accessible support for maths. We would suggest the following workaround:
  • For Powerpoint polling, use MS Equation Editor and let students have a copy of Powerpoint (Note that this would this mean students can see any ‘correct’ answers if you have indicated them on the slide. Thus the presenter would need to say ‘The answer is…’ rather than including the answers on the slides.
  • Refer to a digitally accessible Mathjax version of the equation (e.g. on Moodle etc)
  • An additional (but not digitally accessible) workaround would be to use images for maths questions in Turning Point Web
Student answer boxes: Answer boxes have standard keyboard input only. Our suggested workaround would be to ask students to pick option A,B,C,D with each option being defined above.

TurningPoint Web polling

TurningPoint Web allows you to poll from a browser and collect results online. TurningPoint Web allows some integration with PowerPoint. There are fewer features available compared the TurningPoint Desktop version, however, updates are being rolled out regularly. If you want to use it with Powerpoint you can download it here

Yes you can using web polling. Use the browser on your tablet or mobile device to run the poll. Note that you CANNOT design and run a poll using the TurningPoint app.

To log in to TurningPoint web click here.

Next, click on the ‘Get Started’ button. 

Screenshot of TurningPoint 'instructor' landing page

Then login with your University of Bath email address.

Screenshot of TurningPoint Web login page

To create a TurningPoint Web poll, you will first need to click on the green ‘Create Course’ button to create course for your poll to reside in.

Screenshot of 'create course' button

Then enter a name for your course and click ‘Create’. (You may want to choose a name that reflects one of your Moodle courses). 

Screenshot of 'create course' dialogue box

To begin editing your Web poll, locate your new course and click ‘Select’

Screenshot of 'select' course

Now click on the green ‘Create Content’ button, as shown below, then enter a name for your Web poll and click ‘Create’.

Screenshot of 'create content' option

Inside the Web poll, you can now choose from a range of content creation options via the ‘Create’ dropdown menu. 

Screenshot of 'create' dropdown in Web polling

Choose your question type, then enter the question text and answer options. remembering to indicate the correct answer(s). You can also configure options for points, allow multiple answers, anonymous responses, and to allow participant comments in scheduled sessions.

Screenshot of multiple choice question configuration

Once you have finished creating questions you can ‘Start’ or ‘Schedule’ a poll via the buttons in the top right-hand corner of the Web Polling interface.

To run your Web Poll, click on the blue ‘Start’ button in top right hand corner.
Screenshot of 'Start' button

You will now be asked to configure your Live Web Polling options (shown below). These options allow you to specify a Session ID (this needs to be communicated to student participants so that they can respond), to choose whether to show results toon-screen live for 

Screenshot of Live Polling options

Students can access TurningPoint polls via the TurningPoint app on their mobile device, or in a browser on a laptop/PC.

For iOS devices, download the application here.

For Android devices, download the application here.

For students using a web browser, you will need to provide students with the response web address: and the Session ID that you have chosen.

To download results, login to TurningPoint online, then click on the relevant Course. Now click on the Results tab: 

Screenshot of TurningPoint online Results tab Any recent polls that you have run will be displayed. Click on Reports:

Screenshot of accessing TurningPoint Reports

The results of the poll will be displayed on-screen, and can be downloaded in Excel format via the Export option: 

Screenshot of TurningPoint results export

Open the TurningPoint Web App and login with your University username and password. 

Open the Powerpoint file you would like to add Web Poll to, and click on the New button on the TurningPoint Web toolbar and choose from the questions options.

Screenshot of TurningPoint Web toolbar

Screenshot of TurningPoint question options

Now enter your question, answer options, and choose your desired question options. Don’t forget to choose the correct answer(s).

Screenshot - adding TurningPoint Web Powerpoint questions

When you have finished adding your questions, save your Powerpoint as normal.

To run your TP Web Powerpoint poll, open the TurningPoint Web app and login, then open your Powerpoint file. 

Select Connect from the TurningPoint toolbar as shown below, then select a Session ID and choose your linked course:Screenshot of Connect button

Screenshot set Session ID

You can now click Start, then begin your Powerpoint slideshow. When you reach a polling question, the polling information will appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen: 

Screenshot polling slide

Once you are happy with the number of responses received, click on the red Stop button to close polling

Screenshot stop polling

Once you have polled all your questions, end your slideshow as usual, then close TurningPoint Web. When you click Finish, TurningPoint Web will automatically save polling data for the session.

You can download results by clicking on the Results button on the TurningPoint toolbar, then choosing the course that you wish to download session results from.

Screenshot of Results button

TurningPoint will open your web browser allowing you to download results online as described above

Students can access TurningPoint polls via the TurningPoint app on their mobile device, in a browser on a laptop/PC.

For iOS devices, download the application here.

For Android devices, download the application here.

For students using a web browser, you will need to provide students with the response web address: and the Session ID that you have chosen.

TurningPoint desktop version (PowerPoint polling)

TurningPoint desktop allows you to embed questions within PowerPoint using Turning Point’s integration. Questions can be created within new or existing PowerPoint presentations using the Turning Point add-in. This is commonly used within lectures or presentations.

The videos below demonstrate how to set up and run a simple one question poll using the PowerPoint desktop version of TurningPoint.

Design a poll in TurningPoint desktop

Run a poll in TurningPoint desktop

Open the TurningPoint desktop application from the start menu. The simplest way to do this is to click on the Start Icon and in the search bar type “Turning.”

Screenshot of how to open Turning Point

You may be asked to log in twice. Please ensure that you enter your university email address here as, and not as

Screenshot of Turning Point login window

You will then be forwarded to the University of Bath Single Sign-On screen. Enter your University of Bath username and password.

Screenshot of SSO login window

If this is the first time you’ve signed in, you may get an email with a link you’ll need to click on to activate the account.

You may be asked to remember your credentials – if you have logged into the presenting PC using your username and password, select YES.

Screenshot of 'remember login credentials?' prompt

It is useful to reserve a session ID because it enables you to keep the same ID for each session. If you teach on several units, you may wish to reserve particular unit codes. If you do not reserve a session ID then TurningPoint will set you one with a random string of numbers such as 592482.

To do this, open the TurningPoint dashboard and click ‘Enable’ beneath mobile responses. Then click ‘Reserve’ and type an ID. This ensures that nobody else can use that ID until you choose to remove it.

Screenshot of clicking enable, then clicking reserve

You can do this within the session options. Untick the box that says ‘Enable participant accounts.’

Screenshot of 'click to enable paticipant accounts' dialogue box
You can further customise sign-in settings in session options. For example, you could set it to optional for participants to enter a first name. Or by selecting ‘Don’t show’ for all options, you can enable a speedy sign-in procedure that skips any requests for participant details.

It is good practise to reset your session each time you use TurningPoint so that you do not carry over any data from a previous session.

To do this, click ‘reset’ in the TurningPoint tab within a PowerPoint and choose whether to reset a whole session or a selected slide.

Screenshot of resetting slides

Once you have inputted your question and answers, in the right hand side select ‘Scoring options’ and indicate the correct answer. In this case it is option B.

Screenshot of how to indicate correct answer

In the TurningPoint tab click ‘Objects’ then ‘Correct answer indicator.’ You have a choice of several – for this example I have used a checkmark.

Screenshot of correct answer indicator

The checkmark will appear when you are running your live polling once polling closes for each question (i.e. when all of the answers are in and you click to move on to the next slide). A correct answer indicator is very useful if you have a lot of answers to memorise!

You could test it on colleagues by asking them to download the TurningPoint app (from the App store or Google Play) or log into Similarly, you could use a private browsing window or another of your own devices to test the poll.

Alternatively, use the simulated polling feature. In the TurningPoint tab within PowerPoint click ‘Live polling’ and change this to ‘Simulated polling.’ You can now start your slideshow. Each time it moves to a question slide there will be 30 responses automatically logged as if you have 30 participants taking part in your poll. This is a great option to fix bugs and issues in your design.

Screenshot of how to test before session: Click live polling and then select simulated polling

If you are testing your polls then remember to reset your session before you carry it out with participants.

When you have finished your session, in the TurningPoint tab within a PowerPoint click ‘Save session’ then ‘Save as new session.’

Click save as new session

Reports can be viewed in two ways. If you have a PowerPoint open in TurningPoint then click ‘Reports’ to see the reports for that set of slides.

To view reports click 'reports'

Alternatively, in the TurningPoint dashboard click ‘Manage’ and select the session you wish to view reports for from the left-hand side.

View reports by clicking the manage tab in TurningPoint dashboard

Reports can be printed and exported as various file types such as CSV or Excel. You can also view results by question or student to view data patterns. Remember that reports may be anonymous if you have not enabled participant accounts or participant names in the session settings.

Reports summary screen

Anywhere Polling with TurningPoint Desktop version

Anywhere Polling allows users to operate polling outside of Powerpoint – this could be over the top of a PDF, website or YouTube video. Questions can be set ‘on the fly’ or pre-prepared.

Anywhere Polling Quick Start video guide

Anywhere Polling Quick Start guide PDF

Yes, you can use the Messaging function within TurningPoint to let students send their questions to you.  You can choose to display these over the projector to stimulate discussion or you can store them to come back to later (e.g. in a Moodle forum round-up). 

This is one way to achieve this (there may be others). 

Open TurningPoint desktop software and log in. 

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging Enable mobile responses

Click the Preferences cog (bottom right) and select Allow User Messaging. 

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging allow user messaging

Click Enable Mobile Responses (top right) and select Session Options. 

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging Session options and Save.

Choose relevant options, making sure that Disable participant messaging is not selected. Click Save. 

Click Start Session.  

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging - start session

From the dashboard select Anywhere Polling. Share the Session ID with students so they can Join the session via the TurningPoint App or from the browser using URL 

Page Break 

Select a question type from the drop-down menu next to the large green play button. The poll will start (signified by the play button changing to a stop button). 

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging drop down

[You need to have at least one question in the poll for your session data to be saved.] 

Click the Messaging icon (a white speech bubble) to Display Messaging Window. 

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging Display messages

Pose a question in the chat box and Send to Everyone. 

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging Send message

Students can respond via TurningPoint in an App or a browser.  You can reply to students individually or to everyone or you can store the questions to respond later. Students can reply to you or to everyone, depending on the options you chose earlier. 

At the end of the session click the stop button and make sure you Save Session.  If the Save Session option is greyed out this means you haven’t yet received any responses to your single poll question or you still need to stop the poll.  Students need to attempt this before you can save the session. 

Click the Settings cog and select Session and Save Session. 

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging save session

Click the Close icon from the floating Poll box and return to the dashboard. 

Click the Manage tab and select the session you have just completed.  Choose Reports. 

From the drop-down menu on the right choose Session Log.  You will now be able to see the questions added by students in the Messaging area.  (You can deselect the two irrelevant options on the right) 

Screenshot: TurningPoint messaging manage

Student TurningPoint FAQs

Students can access TurningPoint polls via the TurningPoint app on their mobile device, or in a browser on a laptop/PC.

For iOS devices, download the application here.

For Android devices, download the application here.

For students using a web browser, they will need to open the following page:

The first time you use the TurningPoint app you may be prompted to choose a region. Wherever you are in the world, please ensure that you choose Europe as this is where the TurningPoint servers are based for the University of Bath.

Screenshot to show Europe region