What is it?

Re:View is the University of Bath's desktop recording and lecture capture system (also known as Panopto). The Desktop recorder can be installed on staff’s own machines, allowing for pre-recording of lecture materials on staff’s own desktops and laptops, mobiles and tablets. These recordings can then be uploaded to the Re:View server to share with student cohorts. In General Teaching Accommodation (GTA) rooms, (as well as in some other teaching rooms across the campus), Re:View can be used to capture lectures and other classroom activities. All recordings can be easily shared with the desired students cohorts via the Re:View block within Moodle units.

How might I use it?

There are several ways that Re:View can be used at the University of Bath.

Lecture capture

The University of Bath offers an opt-in lecture capture policy which allows Unit Convenors to schedule recordings. Staff can also record teaching sessions on campus using the Panopto desktop recorder which is pre-installed on PCs in teaching rooms (GTA rooms). Staff need to open Panopto on the PC, and start and stop recordings themselves. Information about the process can be viewed on the University's webpages.

Pre-recorded content

The desktop software (for PC and MAC) is both available for installation on your computer workstation, or for download onto your own personal devices. Using the software to edit recordings and to record your own content is simple. Similarly, the Panopto app is available for mobile devices and tablets. On the iOS version of the app, you can record content using the app (an internet connection is needed); and on both the iOS and Android version of the app, you can upload content to Panopto. This is particularly useful for recording at home, and on location (e.g. in Science labs and sports pitches). These approaches allow you to ‘flip the classroom’ by asking students to view and engage with recorded material ahead of more active online learning sessions. This technology could also facilitate the return of feedback by lecturers and allow students to submit video assignments.

Students can access recordings by following links from the Re:View block within Moodle courses, or access the recordings directly in Re:View. Recordings can be edited and enhanced with other media, such as quizzescaptions, web links and Xerte objects. Staff can view data about their recordings to give them insights about how they are being used by students.  Re:View can be used as a tool to increase accessibility by providing recordings for students with learning needs.

Student assignments

Students are able to upload video files to Re:View. It is possible for a lecturer to set up an assignment folder to which students have access. This opens up the possibility of setting video assignments and allowing students to make presentations while away from the traditional set-up of a teaching room on campus. Benefits for the lecturer include being able to re-watch and pause the presentation for moderation purposes.


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For advice on using Re:View to enhance learning, teaching and assessment contact the TEL team: tel@bath.ac.uk

For technical support contact the AV team through Top Desk