What are digital skills?

Digital skills are the skills needed to participate in and contribute to the digital world. To live, learn and work in a digital society, organisations, leaders, staff and students need to develop their digital skills so that they can engage and thrive in a digital world. Developing these digital skills will enable people to find, evaluate, create, share, learn, and network digitally.

If staff and students are skilled in a broad range of areas then they will be well-equipped for the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly and ever-evolving digital world. In the future, it is predicted that current technologies will be replaced by their newer, more advanced counterparts at an accelerated rate. Thus, having a good digital skillset is becoming ever more advantageous.

Use the Jisc discovery tool to assess your digital skills
Staff at the University of Bath will soon be able to reflect on their digital skills by using the Jisc discovery tool. The tool aligns to the Jisc digital capability framework. Staff can use it to identify their strengths as well as further opportunities to develop. Once complete, participants receive a personalised report and links to further resources to develop their digital skills.

We will be piloting the Jisc discovery tool from summer 2020 with planned rollout across the University from Semester 1. Please see the video below for an overview of the tool.


  • Employability
  • Support the needs of all learners
  • Digital capabilitites
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Review and Reflect


Jisc - What is digital capability?

Jisc digital experience insights staff survey 2019

Bath Blend Baseline

UK Professional Skills Framework


For advice on developing digital skills to enhance learning, teaching and assessment contact the TEL team: tel@bath.ac.uk


The Jisc Framework

The Jisc framework is the digital skills model that we support. This categorises digital skills into six key components (see diagram on the right). These are then further broken down into individual proficiencies. Please see the document Building digital capabilities: The six elements defined for further details.

Jisc role profiles

Jisc have designed a series of role profiles that align with the framework to highlight digital capabilities associated with particular roles. The profiles have been mapped to relevant professional frameworks. They are designed to support team leaders in identifying the digital capabilities their teams need and for individuals to reflect on their own strengths and areas for development.

Jisc digital capabilities diagram

The University of Bath offers a range of training opprtunities from face-to-face, group, online and bespoke packages. For further information please contact the TEL team tel@bath.ac.uk

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