The TEL team is staff-facing but we do have some resources, linked below, to support students to use some of the University's main tools.

Course teams provide support to students for the majority of tools and technologies you will need to use during your studies.  Your course team should be your first point of contact for any general query about your studies.  The IT HelpdeskSkills CentreLibrary and Student Services also provide direct support to students.

When using the various tools and technologies for your studies, we would remind you that you are expected to follow basic guidance around online etiquette and also adhere to the University's IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Specific guidance for using the different tools is detailed under the links below, but some general suggestions and advice, particularly for accessing your LOIL and IPT sessions, is also available.  We recommend you look through this carefully as it provides advice on preparing yourself for study and being prepared for those times when the technology does not behave as expected.

Student Quick Guide – Using Moodle

Using Moodle

Share this page Student Moodle Quick Guide - On this Page Login to Moodle and find your units Navigating Moodle Configuring your Profile and Notifications Communicating Online: Moodle Forums Managing Accessibility preferences Submitting Assignments Viewing your Feedback Useful Links Login

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Zoom logo

Access to Zoom

Zoom meetings are designed to be highly collaborative, giving attendees the ability to use audio and video, share their screen, and annotate in a live, interactive environment.

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How to use Re:View for students

Using Re:View/Panopto

Re:View (also known as Panopto) is the University of Bath’s video content platform. It allows staff to record teaching sessions both inside and away from classrooms, upload their own recordings, and set video assignments for students.

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How to use Group Peer Review tool for students

Using Group Peer Review in Moodle

Before you start Preparing for your group peer review activity Uploading your group assignment submission During the group peer review activity Viewing your grades Who do I contact for further support with Group Peer Review?

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Mahara secondary logo.

Using Mahara

Getting Started Understanding Mahara Mahara is not like other learning technology you may have used (e.g. Moodle) so it’s important to understand the differences. Working in Mahara Groups Mahara groups are spaces where you can collaborate and share with others.

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Support for students studying remotely

Studying online

This page provides links to resources for students to support them while studying remotely.  Introduction to studying online View in a new browser window   Using Panopto (Re:View) as a student Re:View is the University of Bath’s lecture capture system.

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Blackboard Ally logo


Following a few design principles can make your content more accessible and inclusive to all learners What is Digital Accessibility and why does it matter? Digital accessibility is about making better design and content choices for all your learners; it is

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Microsoft office icons

Microsoft 365

What is it? Microsoft 365 is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Microsoft applications and online productivity services, as well as business services such as web conferencing, hosted email, and online storage. Commonly used Microsoft 365 applications include

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A screenshot of UoB MOOC courses.


What are they? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Massive Open Online Course (or MOOC) is defined as: “a course of study made available over the Internet without charge to a very large number of people.” The MOOCs offered at Bath

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