What do we mean?

  • Asynchronous: not taking place simultaneously in real time.
  • Synchronous: taking place simultaneously in real time.
  • Assessment for Learning (AfL): feedback-based process by which lecturers elicit evidence of students’ learning via informal evaluation strategies.

TurningPoint Polling Software

What is TurningPoint?

TurningPoint polling software allows learners to participate in real time polling activities using a clicker or their own mobile device, tablet or computer. TurningPoint can operate from within or outside of PowerPoint, making it suitable for use in teaching sessions both in person and online.  Instructors can collect and analyse feedback instantly through visuals such as charts, or after their sessions through automatically generated reports.

Types of polling with TurningPoint

TurningPoint desktop (PowerPoint Polling)

Embed questions within PowerPoint using Turning Point's integration to add interactive questions to presentations. Questions can be created within new or existing PowerPoint presentations using the Turning Point add-in.

Web Polling

Automatically save and manage results online with Turning Point's web-based audience response system. Poll on the web or through a PowerPoint integration, and schedule surveys and assessments.

TurningPoint desktop (Anywhere Polling)

Anywhere Polling allows users to operate polling outside of Powerpoint - this could be over the top of a PDF, website or YouTube video. Questions can be set 'on the fly' or pre-prepared.


Uses for learning and teaching 

  • Use at points during a synchronous teaching session. A question at the start of the session could recap the previous week's learning. A question in the middle or at the end may give an understanding of how well students have grasped concepts during the session.
  • Use as part of the Assessment for Learning process to check students' knowledge of a topic to inform your future teaching sessions.
  • As students can be reluctant to answer in front of their peers, collect responses anonymously.
  • Use polling software as a revision aid - give the students a period of time to answer practice questions at their own pace.
  • Use as ice-breaker activities with new students or at the beginning of a unit of study.
  • Use answers as discussion prompts, e.g. '38% of participants thought this. What does this tell us about...?'

For advice on using TurningPoint to enhance learning, teaching and assessment contact TEL tel@bath.ac.uk

For technical support contact the AV team through Top Desk

Updated on: 26 June 2020