What is Re:View?

Re:View is the University of Bath's video platform (also known as Panopto). It allows staff to record lectures and other activities in General Teaching Accommodation (GTA) rooms. In addition to this, staff and students can pre-record content from their PCs and capture video from their mobile devices and tablets for upload to Re:View.

Use of video content

It is suggested that videos should be brief and focussed on learning outcomes. Video editing allows you to cut out unwanted content and add activities to engage students.

Research suggests:

• Shorter videos are more engaging. Approximately 6 minutes in length, and no longer than 15 minutes.
• Presentation styles used for in-person lectures do not necessarily make for engaging video content.
• Videos do not need to have polished production values.
• Instructors may wish to be visible (i.e. record themselves in the video) to give a personal feel and make learners feel more connected (especially 1st years who have not experienced lectures before and missed out on community building due to Covid-19).
• Recordings should be built around interactive content (such as quizzes and asynchronous content on Moodle).
• Shorter videos help students better organise information and identify connections between concepts.

Re:View for pre-recorded content 

Re:View for lecture capture on campus

  • The University of Bath offers an opt-in lecture capture policy.
  • For the 2020-21 academic year, staff can record teaching sessions on campus using the Panopto desktop recorder which is pre-installed on PCs in teaching rooms (GTA rooms). Staff need to start and stop recordings themselves. There are no scheduled recordings as in previous years.
  • Students can access the recordings in Re:View.
  • Recordings can also be edited and enhanced with other media, such as quizzescaptions, web links and Xerte objects.
  • Staff can view data about their recordings to give them insights about how they are being used by students.

For advice on using Re:View to enhance learning, teaching and assessment contact TEL

For technical support contact the AV team through Top Desk

Updated on: 26 June 2020